Durotar Supply and Logistics Reputation

Durotar Supply and Logistics

The Durotar Supply and Logistics rep boost is a farming service designed to increase your reputation with a new faction from the Season of Discovery – the Durotar Supply and Logistics. By boosting your reputation with the Durotar Supply and Logistics, you not only gain access to a range of items that enhance your character's effectiveness but also unlock the ability to purchase class-specific runes, which can only be obtained through Durotar Supply and Logistics farming.

Purchase the Durotar Supply and Logistics reputation now, and you won't have to spend time and effort killing hundreds of mobs. The only way to earn reputation is by relying on the random drop of items that then need to be filled with resources for turn-in. Durotar Supply and Logistics rep boost is the key to your success in WoW SoD.

Start time: 1 hour | Boost takes: 1 day for honored.

Durotar Supply and Logistics boosting includes:

  1. Increasing reputation with Durotar Supply and Logistics.
  2. Items obtained during the farm of reputation items.

How it Works

For your convenience, we have outlined the entire process of purchasing Durotar Supply and Logistics grind, so you can have a clear understanding of what will happen after placing an order.

  • Specify the reputation level you need to achieve.
  • Proceed to the checkout.
  • After you finalize your payment wait 3 to 7 minutes for us to contact you directly.
  • We will specify all the necessary details and start the order completion.
  • That’s it! Enjoy your Durotar Supply and Logistics reputation after we finalize your rep farm.

If you have any questions or wish to add something to your order, please feel free to reach out to us via the website chat or contact us on Discord. We operate 24/7 and are ready to discuss all your proposals.

How to Farm Reputation with Durotar Supply and Logistics

Durotar Supply and Logistics rep farm involves killing mobs above level 6. Periodically, you will receive a Waylaid Supplies box indicating the type of resource to be placed inside. These resources can be obtained through gathering professions or crafted items. If you can't farm these resources yourself, simply purchase them from the Auction House.

After collecting the resources, click on the received box to pack the resources inside and deliver it to one of the NPCs representing Durotar Supply and Logistics:



Thunder Bluff


NPC Name





55.0 61.6

39.8 53.4

64.6 38.2

For each box turned in, you will receive 300 reputation points for gathered items, up to 450 reputation points for crafted items, and an additional 100 reputation points for turning in a box without items inside.

For a significantly faster reputation boost with Durotar Supply and Logistics, we recommend ordering our Durotar Supply and Logistics farming service. We will handle everything efficiently and optimally. Why spend your time and effort when a simple click to place an order is all you need? Boosthive – enjoy the game while we take care of the hard work for you.

Durotar Supply and Logistics