Last Epoch Arena

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How Do I Access the Arena?

To access the Arena in Last Epoch, you need to travel to the Champion's Gate, located in the Divine Era and reachable from Heoborea. The Champion's Gate can be found by heading to Wengari Fortress and following the path through Kolheim Pass. 

Once you arrive at the Champion's Gate, you'll need to spend an Arena Key to enter. These keys can be obtained as drops from the Monolith of Fate or as optional rewards from completing Arena runs. Additionally, keys may also be found inside reward chests when abandoning an Arena run, with the chance of finding one increasing based on the number of waves completed before quitting. Otherwise, you can opt for Last Epoch Arena Boosts, which will allow you to easily acquire the number of keys you need.

What is an Endless Arena?

The Endless Arena in Last Epoch is one of the two types of Arenas available in the game. In the Endless Arena, players compete with each other to see how far they can progress against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. 

Unlike the Arena of Champions, which has a fixed number of waves and a boss at the end, the Endless Arena continues indefinitely, with waves becoming progressively harder the longer you survive. Players' names appear on a ladder, allowing them to check their ranking against others. It's a mode that truly tests players' endurance and skill as they face relentless hordes of enemies.

What is Arena of Champions?

The Arena of Champions in Last Epoch is another type of endgame mode available to players. Unlike the Endless Arena, the Arena of Champions has a fixed number of waves and features a powerful boss at the end. The difficulty and rewards in the Arena of Champions scale with tiers and modifiers. 

Players must face waves of enemies, each becoming increasingly challenging, until they reach the final boss encounter. This mode provides a structured and intense challenge for players seeking a more focused and definitive endgame experience.

Why Would I Need an Arena Boost in Last Epoch?

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