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30th Anniversary Triumphs and Vidmaster Seal Boost

Triumphs and Vidmaster Seal boost is a product that offers completion of in-game achievements as a part of the 30th-anniversary pack that results in obtaining the Vidmaster Title for your guardian.

After buying the Vidmaster Seal a professional member of our team will complete the chosen amount of various achievements scattered around the new 30th-anniversary D2 dungeon Grasp of Avarice and Dares of Eternity activity.

Vidmaster Seal carry rewards:

  1. Any chosen triumphs if selected.
  2. Completed in-game tasks/achievements.
  3. Rewards: Moments of Triumph points.
  4. Rare and Legendary Items.

Boost takes: 2h-7d.


  • 1530+ Powerlevel;
  • 30th Anniversary Pack or The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition;
  • this boost is a recovery(piloted).

D2 Vidmaster's Seal Boosting Service

Altho many of the D2 Vidmaster Seal triumphs are not that challenging most of them are quite grindy and some require great skill and effort and our boosting team is ready to help you.

The Vidmaster title is a callback from the developer's past when they worked on Halo. Back then there were quite the challenges and awarded ultra-rare Recon armor.

Vidmaster Seal