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Tempest Keep Run in TBC Classic

Tempest Keep (The Eye) is the fifth raid in Burning Crusade Classic. It is a 25-man raid that is located in Netherstorm and consists of 4 bosses. Buying the Tempest Keep raid boosting service that we offer for sale, allows players to save lots of time, clear this raid with a professional carry team, and loot tier 5 set pieces.

Tempest Keep is unlocked with TBC Classic Phase 2 (September 21th, 2021).

TBC Tempest Keep raid boost includes:

  1. Full clear 4/4 bosses in Tempest Keep raid:
  2. Minimum 2 items are guaranteed from 1 run.
  3. Chance for Ashes of Al'ar mount (discussable buyout if it drops and is not reserved).

Boost takes: ~2 hours. Check the schedule in online chat.

Please note, you DON'T need to have Tempest Keep attunement to enter the raid anymore. This requirement was removed with the latest hotfix.


  • WoW Burning Crusade Classic account;
  • 70 Level character.

Tempest Keep Boosting Service Explained

The Tempest Keep loot run is a fast boost to defeat all bosses in the raid. Our professional raiding guild will defeat one of the hardest TBC bosses - Kael'thas Sunstrider and other encounters and award you with all the items for your armor type. 

If you are super lucky, Ashes of Al'ar can drop in your raid. If nobody reserved it, it will be possible to negotiate a buyout price for this awesome-looking mount.

We have scheduled runs on several high-pop TBC realms, therefore if you wish to know when is the next one, please contact one of our 24/7 available customer support managers via online chat, skype or discord.

TBC Tempest Keep (The Eye)