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Kurenai Reputation Boost in TBC Classic

TBC Kurenai Reputation

Kurenai is one of the two factions inhabiting the Nagrand zone in the TBC Classic Outland. They are only accessible by Alliance players and offer a wide range of rewards including the beautiful epic riding Talbuk mounts and some additional World PvP treasures. Purchasing the Kurenai reputation boost will get you fast to exalted without any stress and unnecessary efforts.

Kurenai's reputation farming service can save weeks of pointless grinding. Our booster will quest through all the major questlines to reach Exalted with Kurenai as fast as possible.

Kurenai Reputation Boosting Rewards.

  1. TBC Classic Kurenai faction rep leveled up to Exalted.
  2. One of the best hunter quires unlocked - Worg Hide Quiver.
  3. Epic riding Talbuk mounts such as Reins of the Cobalt Riding Talbuk.
  4. Epic PvP War Talbuk mounts such as Reins of the White War Talbuk.
  5. Learn new crafting recipes such as Pattern: Drums of Speed.

Boost to Exalted takes: 1 day.

If you have already farmed out some of the Kurenai reputation and wish us to take it from there, there is absolutely no problem with that. It will simply make the rep boost faster and cheaper. However, before purchasing the Kurenai faction rep grind, please check out some of the requirements.


  • WoW Burning Crusade Classic account;
  • 70 Level character;
  • this boost is piloted and requires account sharing.

Where is the Kurenai Reputation Vendor?

Trader Naras - is the only vendor for the Kurenai faction. He is the quartermaster located in the Nagrand Zone of Outland in the main question hub of Alliance. He offers all types of reputation rewards from epic gear and recipes to the epic ridable Talbuk mounts. If you are interested in what Talbuk mounts there are in Burning Crusade, you will find a list of them in the next section

TBC Kurenai Reputation