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Tales of the Forgotten Pages Boost

Estimated time for boost: 1 hour

Festival of the Lost is back again in D2 with new activities for players to do. One of the main features is the Book of the Forgotten and Manifested Pages. However, it isn't clear how to farm Manifested Pages. But with our Tales of the Forgotten Pages boost service, you don't need to worry about it. Our carry team will get all the Manifested Pages on your Guardian.

Buying Manifested Pages farm service is the most optimal way to get the missing pages in your Book of the Forgotten. Don't miss this opportunity, because Festival of the Lost is a time-limited event.

Tales of the Forgotten Pages carry service:

  1. Choose the Pages for the Book of the Forgotten.
  2. Experience for Season Pass & Artifact.
  3. Chance to complete some Triumphs during the service.

Boost ETA: 1-2 hours/page.

You need to choose your current and desired pages with our calculator. You will see the price and the estimated time of completion for Manifested Pages boost.


  • 1100 power level.

How to get Manifested Pages in D2?

Manifested Pages for the Book of the Forgotten are created in the Haunted Lost Sectors event. It is available only during the Festival of the Lost. Complete the Summoning Ritual and defeat the Headless Ones and convert your Spectral Pages into Manifested ones.

We have prepared the full guide on how to get Tales of the Forgotten Pages:

  1. Equip a Festival of the Lost mask.
  2. Participate in activities and acquire Spectral Pages.
  3. Take part in the Haunted Sector event.
  4. Finish the Summoning Ritual in the Sector.
  5. Kill Headless Ones within the Haunted Lost Sector.
  6. Your Spectral Pages will be converted into Manifested Pages.
  7. Head to the Tower and reach the Book of the Forgotten.
  8. Use your pages to unlock new parts of the Book.

These lore entries cost only a few pages at the start but quickly increase in price to a total of nine Manifested Pages for each page in Tales of the Forgotten book. That's where our Manifested Pages carry service comes in handy.