Last Epoch Starter Build

Starter Build

Don't have time to learn all the basics of the new game? No problem, because we've already done it for you. Simply choose the class you're interested in and browse through the most intriguing builds, and we'll assemble a character from scratch tailored perfectly to your preferences.

Start time: 15 minutes / Boost takes: 1 day.

Last Epoch Starter build includes:

  1. Character Level 55.
  2. Full Campaign completed:
    • 15/15 Passive Points & 8/8 Idol Slots;
  3. Optimized Skill Trees and Passive Points.
  4. Starting Rare items suitable for your build.
  5. The character is Ready to start playing.

Note: contact our managers if you're playing on Hardcore, Masochist or SSF modes. The price will be be adjusted depending on the mode! Please take a look at the basic requirements for this service before buying the Last Epoch Starter Build carry.


  • currently available on softcore;
  • you need to pick your guild (Merchants or Circle of Fortune);
  • Last Epoch active account.

We also offer a live stream of the entire boost as an additional option. However, make sure to request it before the service begins so we have time to set it up. 

How it Works

Enjoy your Starter Build boost in Last Epoch and get yourself a perfect build in no time. No need to stress over tedious farming. We offer a better solution.

  1. Please select which build you need from the list. Class and mastery class options are available in the dropdown menu. You'll need to manually specify the name of the desired build in the Notes section.
  2. Select your current guild: Merchants Guild or Circle of Fortune.
  3. Note: contact our managers if you're playing on Hardcore, Masochist or SSF modes. The price will be be adjusted depending on the mode!
  4. Proceed to checkout to finalize the payment and fill in order info.
  5. We will contact you within 4-7 minutes to discuss all order details.
  6. We will begin leveling up your desired character as soon as possible.

Should you have any further questions prior to purchasing a Last Epoch Starter Build, don't hesitate to reach out to our team through live chat or Discord. Our support operates round the clock, and we're more than happy to assist with any inquiries or even tailor an offer based on your needs.

Last Epoch Starter Builds List

Acolyte Starter Builds For Sale



Death Seal
Marrow Shards
Harvest Lich
Hungering Souls

Golem Necromancer
Wraith Necromancer

Rogue Starter Builds For Sale



Dragonsong Marksman
Hail of Arrows
Multishot Marksman
Reign of Winter

Shadow Daggers
Dancing Strikes

Sentinel Starter Builds For Sale


Forge Guard

Void Knight

Nova Hammerdin
Electrify Javelin
Smite Hammerdin
Smite Shield Throw
Bleed Hammerdin
Holy Trail Javelin

Ignite Shield Rush
Manifest Armor


Devouring Orb
Smite Hammer Throw
Echo Warpath


Mage Starter Builds For Sale




Static Orb Sorcerer
Fireball Sorcerer
Glacier Sorcerer
Elemental Nova Sorcerer

Flame Reave
Shatter Strike


Frost Claw
Frostbite Frost


Primalist Starter Builds For Sale




Frostbite Swarmblade
Earthquake Werebear
Cold Dot Werebear
Swipe Werebear
Lightning Swarmblade

Explosive Thorn Totem
Thorn Totem


Upheaval Beastmaster
Squirrel Beastmaster

Starter Build