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Shadowlands Soulbind Conduits

Shadowlands Soulbind Conduits
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Shadowlands Soulbind Conduits are the additional passive talent traits acquired through a Covenant soulbond system. Buying Soulbind Conduits boosting service allows players to upgrade their skills and get extra power for your character that is especially important at the start of the new expansion.

Boost ETA: ~1 day - 2 weeks. Depends on the Conduits level selected.

WoW Soulbind Conduits carry includes:

  • unlock of all 3 Soulbinds for the selected covenant;
  • acquire selected conduits for your class and spec;
  • upgrade your class Conduits to the selected level;
  • farm of the required amount of Stygia for the upgrade.

If you are looking to buy the specific conduit for one of the 12 classes in World of Warcraft, please contact our support managers and they will assist you with the creation of the custom order.

Before the purchase of the Shadowlands Soulbind Conduits leveling service check out the basic requirements:


  • 60 level character;
  • selected Covenant;
  • unlocked Maw Zone.

How do the Soulbind Conduits work?

As soon as you level up your new shadowlands character to the max level you will be offered to align yourself to one of the 4 covenants. Each of them will have some members who would be able to soul bind with you allowing you to get access to the type of soul forge where the whole system can be accessed.

Each covenant will have different Soulbinds members, however, class & spec conduits will be the same, regardless of the chosen covenant.

Covenant Conduits

First Soulbind to Unlock

Second Soulbind to Unlock

Third Soulbind to Unlock

Kyrian Conduits




Necrolord Conduits

Plague Deviser Marileth


Bonesmith Heirmir

Night Fae Conduits




Venthyr Conduits



General Draven

The whole system is linked with the Covenant Renown currency which time gates the opening of the new talent tree rows for each of the Soulbinds.

How can I unlock Soulbind Conduits in Shadowlands?

Developing your Covenant Renown system will allow unlocking new talent rows of the Conduits tree. Therefore the further you go the more talents you have and the more you can boost your character. Here is the brief information guide on the Shadowlands Soulbind Conduits unlocking.

  1. The first row of the conduit traits is unlocked straight after you soulbind with the first Covenant member.
  2. Then each Renown will unlock new rows from the 2nd row to the 8th row.
  3. The Last row of Conduits traits is unlocked on Renown 39 with all Soulbinds available.
  4. Conduits then can be leveled up to increase their item level up to Rank 7 (226 ilvl).
  5. Boosting your Conduits will require a lot of Stygia.

How and when to change your Conduits?

The conduits system has some limitations. One of them is the ability to change the position of your talents at any given time. Basically, it was done to avoid an often switch of the selected traits for different purposes and made so players will do a wiser choice.

The Soulbinds in Shadowlands currently can be changed once per week with the refresh of all their Conduits. There is a separate cooldown per Soulbind. Visit your sanctum to see your cooldowns and other change possibilities.

Why buying Soulbind Conduits boost is the best choice?

Farming the Stygia is a long and extremely hard process, especially when you are low geared. The maw zone is the real challenge not to mention the Torghast Tower where this currency can be obtained. Therefore without a good party or a well-geared character, you may lack one week after another before you will be able to start getting the needed conduits.

By then all top players would have already farmed out most of them and therefore made their characters more powerful. And there is currently no way to catch up with them! But, there is always the other option.

Boosthive offers you to pre-order your Soulbind Conduits farm and gets the boost in the first weeks of Shadowlands. This way you are guaranteed to have a competitive edge in both PvP and PvE activities in WoW.

Shadowlands Soulbind Conduits
Please contact our managers to order this item