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Torghast Soul Ash

Soul Ash Farm

Buying the Soul Ash farming service in the Torghast, Tower of the Damned will allow you to craft new customizable legendaries in Shadowlands. Soul Ash is the new World of Warcraft currency required to forge Legendaries at the Runecarver. There is no weekly cap of Soul Ash.

WoW Soul Ash carry includes:

  • any amount of Soul Ash farmed in the Torghast Tower;
  • you get 100% of Soul Ash & Soul Cinders by repeatedly running Torghast Wings;
  • unlock of the Maw zone if the option is chosen;
  • Torghast Tower unlock if the option selected.

Boost takes: 2 hours/5150 Soul Ash.

Important: This service does not include specific layers completion. Our team chooses the best route to provide the fastest Soul Ash farm.

We offer the fastest Soul Ash farming service for our clients but fulfilling the following requirements can speed up the process even more.


  • 60 level;
  • unlocked the Maw zone;
  • unlocked Torghast, Tower of the Damned;
  • layer 9 in Torghast unlocked

The Soul Ash (SA) boost is not an easy task as it requires either a lot of time to clear all the floors or high-skill to clear the hardest 8th layer of the tower. Therefore the time for service may vary.

If, however, you plan to farm the Soul Ash yourself you will need to get some essential information about this currency and the Torghast Tower.

How to farm Torghast’s Soul Ash in Shadowlands?

Farming of the Soul Ash currency is a pretty straightforward but difficult process. You will need lots of time for trial and error and a high-skill cap to complete the most challenging floors of the Torghast, Tower of the Damned. To start farming it you will need to take the following steps.

  1. Level up a Shadowlands character to lvl 60.
  2. Complete the story questline right to choosing your Covenant stage.
  3. Select the covenant and proceed with the main storyline until you get to the Maw.
  4. After some quest there you will unlock the portal to the Torghast Tower.
  5. The portal is located in Venaris Refuge.

Entrance into the Torghast, Tower of the Damned at the Venaris Refuge.

After making your way into the tower you will be offered to choose from 2 active weekly wings out of all 6 of Torghast Tower zones. By entering the wing you will need to complete floors to close 8 layers of this wing.

How much Soul Ash is possible to farm per week?

Currently, SA is acquired for completion of every Layer of any of the Torghast wings. Game devs removed the weekly cap of Soul Ash in patch 9.1.5, and it can be farmed infinitely now.

Layer Number

Soul Ash reward amount

Layer 1

x480 Soul Ash

Layer 2

x880 Soul Ash

Layer 3

x1220 Soul Ash

Layer 4

x1500 Soul Ash

Layer 5

x1740 Soul Ash

Layer 6

x1940 Soul Ash

Layer 7

x2120 Soul Ash

Layer 8

x2280 Soul Ash

What do you need Soul Ash for?

Soul Ash is the currency required by the Runecarver to craft (carve) new custom legendaries for every class in World of Warcraft. Each legendary requires x5150 Soul Ash to be forged and be upgraded to rank 7.

In any way buying the Soul ASh farming service from Boosthive will definitely help you to save a lot of time and effort and make the legendary crafting process not much more difficult than opening a treasure chest. Get the pre-order of the Soul Ash boost today and our Managers will help you to schedule the first available carry run into the Torghast.

Soul Ash Farm