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Solstice Seal [Flamekeeper Title]

The hot summer event is in full force in D2 and new Tripumhs are waiting for you to unlock them. Buy our fast Solstice of Heroes Triumph carry and complete everything required to add the SoH Seal to your collection. Chose from 28 major Triumphs of this event or add them all so that our boosters can deliver them to you without any stress and effort on your part.

The Solstice Seal carry is a service that offers the completion of in-game achievements all across the Solstice event in the current season. After completing these triumphs the player will be awarded with the Flamekeeper Title for your guardian. After buying Flamekeeper Title a professional member of our team will complete the chosen amount of various achievements scattered around the activity, mostly related to the Solstice event.

Solstice of Heroes Triumphs carry rewards.

  1. Flamekeeper Title and Solstice Seal completed.
  2. 24 Kindling items to upgrade your Candescent armor.
  3. 24 Event Tickets to get the upgraded event card rewards (requires upgraded event card from the Eververse store)
  4. A lot of Legendary weapons and armor.
  5. A lot of experience to your Season Pass and Artifact.

Solstice of Heroes Triumphs boost ETA: 1 day - 2 weeks (depending on the chosen Triumphs).

Safety: 100% guaranteed VPN use in our recovery (piloted) services.

This service has a minimum level requirement. If your power level is lower than that, please contact our customer support and we will provide help and create a custom order for you.


  • 1350 Power level.

Solstice of Heroes Moments of Triumphs

The SoH Triumph Seals require a lot of time for completion. Let us put it this way, some of them are pretty easy to do if you know what you are doing, whereas others can take up a whole month (full time of the event) to accomplish. Such real-life sacrifices are not that most of the D2 players are ready to make and therefore Boothives offers you a perfect option that will save you time and also get fruitful rewards.

The Solstice of Heroes Triumphs boosting service will help you to unlock the season-specific seals and earn a new Flamekeeper Title while also contributing towards the upgrade of the unique glowing armor sets. If you are interested in more details or wish to get a full SoH package boost, feel free to contact our 24/7 available managers. They are experienced and would gladly assist you in any way possible.

Solstice Seal [Flamekeeper Title]