Wild Offerings Farm

Wild Offerings

Wild Offerings is a new currency added in Season of Discovery Phase 3 that is farmed in Maraudon, Zul'Farrak or Blackrock Depths. Wild Offerings are used to buy some awesome pre-raid gear and Darkmoon Faire cards. 

Wild Offerings farm is a fast and convenient way to get as much of this SoD currency as you need. Get straight to 50 lvl rewards in the shortest time possible. You can now skip all grind by simply buying Wild Offerinds in SoD here at Boosthive.

Start time: 15 minutes (average) | Boost takes: 6-7 Offerings per hour.
SoD Wild Offerings farm boost includes:
  1. Any amount of Wild Offerings farmed.
  2. Access to Phase 3 powerful gear (see the list below).
  3. All other loot, gold and resources that can drop in the process.
  4. Wild Gods questline completed (additional option).
  5. Personal livestream (additional option).

Additional options:

  • Wild Gods Quest completion - we will finish Wild Gods questline thus unlocking Wild Gods vendor in Feralas.
  • Stream - watch the whole boosting process live on a personal livestream.

Please keep in mind that completion time may vary depending on your realm population. Before you buy SoD Wild Offerings farm please make sure to have a quick look at the basic requirements for this service.

  • level 50 in SoD;
  • Wild Gods questline completed.
  • this service is piloted.

There is no cap on how many Wild Offerings for sale we can provide during each week. You can also check all the gear below to have a better understanding how many Offerings you will need in total.

Wild Gods Quest Rewards

Players have found out that finishing the quest "The Wild Gods" in Felwood unlocks access to exceptional rewards. These rewards include pre-raid BiS (Best in Slot) gear and Darkmoon cards, which are found inside the Shadowtooth Bag. These items are sold from Shadowtooth Emissary in Emerald Sanctuary, Felwood, /way 51.5 82.0.

Item Type Cost
Shadowtooth Bag Consumable x10 Wild Offering
Cord of the Untamed Cloth Waist x15 Wild Offering
Crown of the Dreamweaver Cloth Head x15 Wild Offering
Band of the Wilds Ring x12 Wild Offering
Breadth of the Beast Trinket x12 Wild Offering
Godslayer's Greaves Plate Feet x15 Wild Offering
Defender of the Wilds Shield x12 Wild Offering

Shadowtooth Bag can contain a random Darkmoon card, so this is one of the best ways to get your Darkmoon Faire Trinket by opening a dozens of these Bags.

The Fastest Way to Get Wild Offerings

The best way to get this new Phase 3 currency is to buy Wild Offerings here at Boosthive! This option is idel for those who prefer not to spend countless hours farming and want to quickly acquire powerful gear with less effort.

The fastest way to farm Wild Offering is to do repeat runs in Maraudon in a group of 10 players and killing Princess Theradras. Our team will focus on that ensuring fast and stress-free service completion. If you want to know about the service, we've prepared a step-by-step explanation down below.

How Wild Offering Farming Works

Wondering how the entire Wild Offerings boosting works here at Boosthive? Here is a simple guide to walk you through the process.

  1. Select number of Wild Offerings you want to get with our slider.
  2. Pick additional options if needed.
  3. Procced to checkout, finalize the payment and fill in character info.
  4. Our team will contact you within 4-7 minutes to arrange the service according to your preferences and schedule.
  5. At the appointed time our team will join a Maraudon group and spam the dungeon with them to acquire Wild Offerings for you.
  6. That's it! After the service is done, you can now enjoy all the rewards.

Have questions or need a custom order? Reach out to us via live chat or Discord. We're available 24/7 to assist you and can create a tailored order to meet your needs.

Wild Offerings