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Season Pass Rank Leveling

D2 Season Pass level rank boosting is the fastest way to get right into the exciting content of the new season without the boring grind. Why should Guardians waste their time to unlock Seasonal perks and farm out the rewards gradually when they can simply buy Season Pass power level from our professional boosting team and get right into the action with everything rock and loaded.

Witch Queen Season Pass leveling not only contains the seasonal experience boost but also provides with neet rewards including a lot of interesting engrams, especially exotic ones. Buy season ranks to also ern exotic ciphers, some neet cosmetics like - emotes, ghosts, ships, etc and also a lot of resources - glimmer, legendary shards, upgrade modules, enchantment ores and prisms, ascendant shards and more!

Season Pass Rank boost rewards include. 

  1. Any amount of Season Pass Levels farmed 1-100.
  2. Legendary, Exotic, Umbral, Eververse, and Bright Engrams.
  3. Rare resources (upgrade modules, ascendant shards, exotic cipher, etc)
  4. Raid banners.
  5. Exotic ornaments.
  6. Cosmetic items.

D2 Season Pass levels carry takes: depends on the selected amount of levels.

Safety: 100% guaranteed VPN use in our recovery (piloted) services.

We offer to purchase the Season Pass levels for any guarding with a current DLC, however, there are some basic requirements for this kind of power leveling service.


  • Deluxe/Witch Queen DLC;
  • Season pass DLC.

How to Buy Season Pass Levels

The reason to get this type of service in D2 is obvious. Every new season Guardians have to farm our experience and climb rank after rank to unlock some rewards to become competitive in the end-game content. But not anymore! Stop wasting your time for this SP level grind and let our professional booster do that for you. You will see lots of advantages in such a decision of yours, such as:

  • lots of time saved for interesting and rewarding activities;
  • faster rank climbing and reward unlocking;
  • simple buying of D2 raid banners;
  • everything you need to start pawning in the new D2 season in one boost;
  • 100% order completion guarantee;
  • professional Season Pass powerleveling service;
  • 24/7 available support during the full time of the carry.

With all the above-mentioned perks the Witch Queen Season Pass ranks is definitely a service that worth your time, especially with such cheap prices that Booshive offers every upcoming season. Get it now, pre-order it for the next season, or if you still have any questions feel free to reach out to us. Our well-experienced managers will assist you in any way possible to make your boosting experience as smooth as it can get.

Season Pass Leveling