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Salvation's Grip Exotic Quest

Salvation's Grip is a Stasis Energy Grenade Launcher that is rewarded for completing the mission introduced with Beyond Light DLC. Doing Salvations Grip quest without a good fireteam might be hard and a complete waste of time and nerves. Boosthive offers to get Salvation's Grip boosting service and receive this first heavy grenade launcher with stasis energy in a relaxed atmosphere.

D2 Salvation's Grip uses the stasis energy of the Darkness and has a unique perk called Cryocannon  Buy Salvation's Grip to receive this exotic grenade launcher with an ability to freeze enemies. Holding the shot will result in a wider blast radius and generate more crystals. It is a nice weapon both for map control in PvP and for smashing small packs of enemies in PvE.

D2 Salvations Grip boost rewards:

  1. Salv'ation's Grip Stasis Energy Grenade Launcher obtained.
  2. Unlocks the ability to destroy Entropic Shards on Europa.
  3. Stasis-oriented quests will become easier to complete (f.e. Born in Darkness).
  4. Season Pass exp and Artifact level.
  5. Biting Winds Legendary Bow (additional option - The Dark Priestess quest).

Boost takes: 6 hours.

Please note, that completing Campaign missions and other additional options increase the duration of the service. Choose the full quest completion or pick specific stages that are hard to complete. Before buying Salvation's Grip quest boost, please check the minimum requirements for this service.


  • 1300+ power level;
  • Beyond Light campaign completion (pick additional option if not finished);
  • Reclaiming Europa, Empire's Fall, The Dark Priestess quests completed;
  • this boost is a recovery(piloted).

How to Get Salvation Grip in D2?

In order to start the Salvation Grip quest and obtain this Grenade Launcher, players need to finish Beyond Light's campaign first. Picking No Time to Explain at the end will open access to the Tower and unlock the Drifter that offers this particular questline. If the Salvation Grip quest is not showing up, this indicates that you didn't finish Reclaiming Europa, Empire's Fall, The Dark Priestess missions as well.

Here is the quick guide with all Salvation Grip quest steps:

  1. Kill Fallen Captains and Servitors on Europa to gather intel.
  2. Finish an Empire Hunt.
  3. Kill 100 enemies with stasis abilities.
  4. Complete the Concealed Void Lost Sector and meet with Spider's associate.
  5. Return to The Drifter and finish the Stealing Stasis mission.
  6. Congratulations! You've got Salvations Grip Grenade Launcher.

Still, a bit confused or don't want to waste time trying to beat all the steps solo? That's why we offer Salvation's Grip for sale for players who need some help completing this exotic quest. Simply contact us if you have any other questions or make an order to get the boost started. Our managers work 24/7 and we will be happy to help you in online chat, skype, or discord.

Salvation's Grip