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Roar Of The Bear

Roar Of The Bear boosting service is a returning Iron Banner god rocket launcher obtainable in the Season of the Plunder. The weapon is gained mainly through the Iron Baner matches or by this activity's engrams. Once the Iron Banner pumps up the weapon can be framed farther via the Iron Banner for the perfect Roar Of The Bear godroll.

Roar Of The Bear carry provides a great Iron Banner legendary rocket launcher with an enormous blast radius. The blast makes it good enough for most but revamped version has perhaps the best perk pool of any Rocket Launcher, ever, which makes it truly hard to choose the best combination. Buying Roar Of The Bear farm is prior for those who value their time and want to jump into action right away with the best weapon.

D2 Roar Of The Bear boost rewards:

  1. Legendary Roar Of The Bear rocket launcher obtained.
  2. A lot of reputation with Iron Banner.
  3. All items and resources that will drop during the service.
  4. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact.

Boost takes 1 hour.

Safety: 100% guaranteed VPN use in our recovery (piloted) services.

If you want a perfect goodroll on the weapon just select more guns in the additional options section slider.

Note: Iron Banner in Season of the Plunder is available only on September 6th and November 15th weeks in 2022. All IB boosts must be completed during these particular weeks so if you are interested in Roar Of The Bear farming please keep this information in mind.


  • 1350+ power level;
  • Witch Queen DLC available.

How to get Roar Of The Bear Rocket Launcher?

In Season of the Haunted Iron Banner reputation started to match other reputations in the game in terms of its gaining. This brings up Iron Banner engrams. By farming these or by playing regular matches, there is always a chance to get an IB weapon currently presented in the weapon pull.

In case you still have any questions before getting our D2 Roar Of The Bear carries service, you can always contact our managers via online chat, skype, or discord. We are online 24/7 and ready to help.

D2 Roar Of The Bear God Roll

Want homing rockets? Tracking Module is there. Faster rockets? Impulse Amplifier is the call. More rockets? Field Prep and Ambitious Assassin are both here to help. Things don't get any easier on the right perk column with every single perk offering something except for Chain Reaction, which won't offer much because Roar Of The Bear's blast radius is already so large that there are unlikely to be any survivors to chain to. Keeping that in mind we have determined the Roar Of The Bears god roll and it looks like this:

  • Best PvE Roll: Quick Launch, Impact Casing, Impulse Amplifier, Lasting Impression.
  • Best PvP Roll: Quick Launch, High-Velocity Rounds, Tracking Module, Cluster Bomb.

The best part of the Iron Banner activity is that you may farm for the weapon endlessly while it's up and that is why we offer Roar Of The Bear for sale to save your precious time and get the best rocket launcher in the game with great rolls currently.

Roar Of The Bear