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Mobile Legends Rating Boost

Here you can purchase a rating boost in Mobile Legends. Choose a rating you want, choose the number of stars you need, additional options and get it done within a day! You will be able to get better rewards at the end of the season, play with better teammates in any mode. The current season ends on December 21 and starts new.

Boost ETA:

  • Warrior III to Elite III - 1 hour (9 stars)
  • Elite III to Master IV - 1.5 hours (12 stars)
  • Master IV to Grandmaster V - 2 hours (16 stars)
  • Grandmaster V to Epic V - 4-5 hours (25 stars)
  • Epic V to Legend V - 5-7 hours (25 stars)
  • Legend V to Mythic V - 8-9 hours (25 stars)
  • Mythic Calibration - 2,5 hours (25 stars)

PRICES ARE SHOWN FOR 1 STAR! Please choose the number of stars you need!

Rating carry rewards:

  • Start within an hour
  • Chosen rank
  • Better rewards at the end of the Season
  • Achievements and other rewards if lucky.

Please note that prices on the last day of the season, and in the first 1-2 weeks of the new season could be higher.


  • Account sharing
  • All services until Master do not have any requirements. At Mythic or Legend you have to be with current meta heroes and emblems (assassin and mage) higher than 45. if you do not have it - price will be higher.