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Override Activity Farming (S14)

D2 Season of the Splicer Override activity is a replacement for the last season’s Battlegrounds. However, there is a big change in the overall concept of it. The event is focused more on collecting items and completing the light puzzles rather than on killing lots of enemies. Therefore, although it is interesting it can become a little boring, especially if the Light puzzles are hard to complete. Save your time with an Override Activity boosting service and still loot Season 14 rewards and Decrypted Data.

Override Activity boosting rewards:

  1. Required number of Override Activities farmed.
  2. All loot and resources dropped during the grinding process.
  3. Season 14 loot from the Override chest.
  4. A substantial amount of Decrypted Data.
  5. XP for your Season Pass and Artifact.

D2 Decrypted Data carry ETA: 1-8 hours.

Although any Guardian is eligible to purchase the Override Activity carry service, there are still some basic requirements that one needs to take into consideration.


  • D2 Beyond Light DLC;
  • 1290+ Power Level (Light);
  • this boost might require account sharing.

Buying the Override Activity Boost

There several ways to complete the Override activity, a long one where you try to overcome its difficulty in a low Light gear, a regular one where you can finish all the puzzles there yourself and spend long hours doing so or a fast way, where you simply buy the Override farming service and let our professional boosting team do that for you!

We know that the new Season of the Splicer is packed with new staff and it can take lots of playing time to complete every possible activity in the game. However, you don’t want to miss the Override farming as it is important for the overall progression and leveling of your character in Season 14.

Override Activity farm provides your Guardian with essential resources and some additional perks on our end:

  • professional carry fire team who takes the game seriously;
  • no cheats, bots, or third-party programs used;
  • manual boost with only time-proven methods;
  • fast and efficient boosting that saves your time;
  • 24/7 available customer service;
  • client-oriented approach allowing you to customize your boosts.

With all those perks it is obvious that purchasing an Override Activity farm is one of the best values that you can currently get from boosts in D2. Speak to one of our managers if you would like to get more information about this activity and the rewards you can get from buying the farming service.

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