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Lord of Wolves Exotic Shotgun

Here you can buy Lord of Wolves Exotic iconic Shotgun. Lord of Wolves carry offers a unique exotic weapon that is favored by players, especially in the Crucible. For some time players can only get their hand on this weapon only by Spider bounties on the Tangled Shore, but currently Lord of Wolves farm is by opening Exotic Engrams.

Buying the Lord of Wolves weapon a guardian gets their hands on a completely unique shotgun. It differs from other shotguns drastically as it fires its Solar rounds in bursts like a pulse rifle rather than a standard shotgun, further increasing its potential by its Catalyst the Lord of Wolves is a complete broken PvP weapon.

Lord of Wolves Exotic Shotgun boost includes:

  1. Farming activities for Exotic Engrams.
  2. Random Exotic Weapons and Armor along the way.
  3. A lot of legendary loot along the way.
  4. A lot of glimmer and rare resources.
  5. Experience to your season pass and artifact.

Boost takes: random (random drop chance from Exotic Engrams)


  • Shadowkeep DLC;
  • Beyond Light DLC;
  • Witch Queen DLC;
  • this boost is a recovery (piloted).

How to get Lord of Wolves and its catalyst?

In the Forsaken DLC The Lord of Wolves could be obtained by completing bounties that you can get from The Spider which gives a chance to obtain the exotic shotgun. There was a chance to obtain the exotic shotgun from a bounty from Spider, but this was random and required grinding to get it. Although rare, there was a small chance to obtain Lord of Wolves as a random drop when doing PVE activities. Currently, the only options are the random PVE drop or Exotic Engrams.

Fang and Claw is the perk you get by obtaining the weapons catalyst. This provides the exotic shotgun with increased reload speed while Release the Wolves is active and Lord of Wolves has increased stability instead of increased when Release the Wolves is not active.

D2 Lord of Wolves Exotic service

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Lord of Wolves