Lightless Arbor Boost

Lightless Arbor

Last Epoch Lightless Arbor dungeon boost is a fast and easy way to clear this instance, as well as kill the boss that resides within – Stone Titan's Heart. Our professional teams are here to offer you fast and efficient service, with the guarantee of a smooth and successful run through this difficult instance. We offer a Lightless Arbor boost on all Tiers, which means that you can get this dungeon cleared on any character.

Want to get all the juicy rewards from this dungeon? Our fast and easy Lightless Arbor carry is exactly what you need! Count on our dedicated team of skilled players to guide you through a stress-free Lightless Arbor run, ensuring you snag the best loot as you progress.

Start time: 15 minutes | Boost takes: 2 hours.

Last Epoch Lightless Arbor boosting includes:

  1. Chosen number of Lightless Arbor dungeon runs.
  2. Stone Titan's Heart boss kill.
  3. Glyphs, Shards and Idols that drop during the boost.
  4. Chance to get Exalted weapons (Tier 2).
  5. Chance to get more Glyphs (Tier 3).
  6. Chance to get more Exalted Amulets (Tier 4).
  7. Retain Gold, Materials and other recources obtained during the service.

Before you buy Lightless Arbor dungeon carry in Last Epoch, please make sure to take a quick look at the basic requirements for this service.


  • to access tier 3 & 4, you need to complete previous tiers;
  • currently available on softcore;
  • level 65 (Tier 2);
  • level 88 (Tier 3);
  • level 100 (Tier 4).

How it Works

Our streamlined purchasing process ensures a hassle-free experience for every player who wants to buy Lightless Arbor Dungeon Boost in Last Epoch. Follow these simple steps to get this carry quickly and without hassle.

  1. Pick your gaming mode, and other options if needed.
  2. Select your desired number of dungeon runs.
  3. Proceed to checkout and finalize your order.
  4. Expect our customer support to contact you within 3-7 minutes.
  5. We will schedule the boost at a convenient time for you.
  6. Enjoy your Lightless Arbor dungeon boosts in the Last Epoch!

With our dedicated customer support available 24/7, any questions or additional requests are promptly addressed. Contact us via live chat, Discord, or Skype, and leave behind the monotony of the grind. Embrace the excitement of the game with Boosthive today!

Lightless Arbor