Last Epoch High Tier Build

High Tier Build

Last Epoch High Tier Build service allows you to get a fully prepared character ready for conquering Monolith of Fate. Skilled players from the Boosthive team will provide you with all possible benefits of a powerful build completely hassle-free. Our Last Epoch High Tier Builds for sale help to gain the maximum possible power.

Buy Last Epoch High Tier build and improve your character to the 75 level with literally no difficulties. Our team will do the whole process to provide you with all benefits to continue playing. Experience all activities and Monoliths and handle them with ease — our Last Epoch High tier build service makes it possible.

Start time: 15 minutes | Boost takes: 2 days.

Last Epoch High Tier Build includes:

  1. Character Level 75.
  2. Advanced Gear with basic Unique items.
  3. Empowered Monolith Unlocked.
  4. 9/9 Campaign Chapters Completed.
  5. Unlocked 15/15 Passive Points & 8/8 Idol Slots.
  6. Blessings in every slot from normal Monolith timelines.
  7. All Idols with at least the one best stat.
  8. Optimized Skill Trees and Passive Points.
  9. Perfectly balanced character to start farming the Monolith of Fate.

Additional options:

  • Custom Build - if you haven't found the desired Build in our list, our team can create a Custom build depending on your preferences.

Note: contact our managers if you're playing on Hardcore, Solo Account Found or Solo Character Found modes. The price will be be adjusted depending on the mode!


  • Last Epoch account;
  • currently available on softcore;
  • you need to pick your guild (Merchants or Circle of Fortune);
  • please note that this service is piloted.

Last Epoch Mastery Tier List

Class Mastery


  • Druid (S-Tier)
  • Beastmaster (B-Tier)
  • Shaman (C-Tier)


  • Warlock
  • Necromancer (S-Tier)
  • Lich (S-tier)


  • Paladin (A-Tier)
  • Void Knight (B-Tier)
  • Forgeguard (B-Tier)


  • Sorcerer (A-Tier)
  • Spellblade (C-Tier)
  • Runemaster (S-Tier)


  • Falconer
  • Marksman (A-Tier)
  • Bladedancer (A-Tier)

How it Works

Our Last Epoch High Tier Build service is easy-to-use and accessible for all players. We have prepared a short guide on how to order the service. Don’t hesitate to ask questions from our support team, if something stays unclear.

  1. Choose Class/Mastery and select desired Build.
  2. Select your current guild: Merchants Guild or Circle of Fortune.
  3. Proceed to checkout to finalize your order. Fill in order information after payment.
  4. Our support manager will contact you through Discord within 15 minutes. Feel free to ask questions and discuss the details of your order.
  5. Right then, our team will find a booster fitting perfectly for your requirements. A player receives your account information and starts order execution as soon as possible.
  6. You can stay in contact with the booster directly and control how your order is going.
  7. We will notify you right the moment your order is finished! Enjoy the results and show your best in the Endgame universe.

Do you have any questions left? Ask us through Discord or live chat. We are online 24/7, ready to help you with anything and bring you the best possible game experience. We can also provide you with a custom offer or give a discount if your level is already higher than 1.

High Tier Build