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N'zoth Horrific Visions Carry

Here you can buy Horrific Visions run in patch 8.3. This is a new type of solo-content added in Visions of N'zoth update: you can go alone or with 5 people group - the difficulty will scale. You enter a Horrific Visions after completing the Black Empire Assault in Uldum or Vale of Eternal Blossoms. These Visions show the alternative future of Stormwind and Orgimmar where N'zoth has won and corrupted Azeroth.forever. You cannot complete it in one attempt - you need to earn void fragments and learn new talants to succeed. The Black Prince will also assist you, and together you will craft a legendary cloak that will help you withstand N’zoth’s madness.

Horrific Visions boost includes:

  • 1 full run into Horrific Visions with our team (Stormwind or Orgimmar)
  • A lot of rewards different rewards
  • Some 415+ gear
  • Some void fragments to learn new talents
  • Achievement Horrific Vision of Orgimmar or Horrific Vision of Stormwind
  • Account sharing (we will log into your character to complete Horrific Visions carry)
  • VPN for account security matching your country

Additional options for Horrific Visions carry:

  • We have the Technology achievement - we will unlock all talents in Titanic Research Console
  • Horrific Visions in both cities - you will get both achievements Horrific Vision of Orgimmar and Horrific Vision of Stormwind
  • Unwavering resolve - our team will upgrade your Legendary Cloak Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve to rank 15
  • Twillight over the White City - includes bonus objectives in the Stormwind Horrific Visions
  • The Dark Horde - completing all bonus objectives in the Ogrimmar Horrific Visions
  • Through the Depths of Visions - completion of meta-achievement for Horrific Visions


  • 120 level character
  • 420+ gear
  • Accplay mode

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