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Haunted Lost Sectors Farm

Halloween Festival of the Lost is back in D2 with new rewards and activities. One of the refreshed features this year are Haunted Lost Sectors. Our Haunter Lost Sectors boost service will help you deal with this event fast and easily.

There are multiple rewards that can drop from Haunted Lost Sectors. But to get them all, you need to complete the event multiple times. Buying Haunted Lost Sectors farm will allow you to skip the boring grind and get straight to juicy Halloween presents.

Haunted Lost Sectors carry rewards:

  1. Chance for random loot (weapons, currencies, armor pieces).
  2. Cosmetic Masquerader masks for your Guardian.
  3. Season Pass levels.
  4. Artifact experience.

Boost takes: 10 mins for 1 clear.

You can select several runs with our calculator. Choosing more Haunted Lost Sector runs will result in a larger discount.

In case you have questions, feel free to message us in online chat, skype, or discord. Our team will be happy to help you.


  • 1100 power level.

How to Complete Haunted Lost Sectors in D2?

There will be a total of three maps available for Haunted Lost Sectors. They will rotate weekly. Once Festival of the Lost becomes available, players need to finish a short quest from Eva Levante.

Once you unlock Haunted Lost Sectors, you can start the event at the directory or the courtyard at the Tower.

Each Haunted Sector run consists of three steps:

  1. Explore the area and get to the final section.
  2. Slain Headless Ones. You have 5 minutes to kill giant Hive Knights with pumpkin heads. 
  3. Defeat the final boss. Get rid of his immune by killing Headless ones and throwing pumpkins at the boss.
  4. Loot the final chest with the rewards.

That's it, but remember that you need to do this multiple times to loot everything that you want. That's why we offer Haunted Lost Sectors farm service for sale, so you can save your time while our boosting team does everything for you.

Haunted Lost Sectors