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Grand Overture Exotic Catalyst Questline

Grand Overture is a new cabal-teamed exclusive Slug Launcher machinegun obtainable by leveling up your Season Pass in the D2 Game. It is unlocked via the deluxe edition of Witch Queen in the opening of Season of Risen (16 Season). On the other half the Grand Overture Catalyst is completed by a grindy questline that involves a lot of combatant and guardian killing.

Grand Overture Exotic Catalyst Boost will provide you with a professional guardian player that will complete all of the quest requirements until the catalyst is collected. Buying Grand Overture catalyst Heavy Does It quest is prior to any guardian who likes explosions and weapons of massive destruction.

D2 Grand Overture boosting rewards:

  1. Exotic Grand Overture slug launcher Catalyst obtained.
  2. Grand Overture Heavy Does It questline completed.
  3. A lot of Crucible ranks and crucible rank rewards during the Crucible step.
  4. Required Season Pass level upgrade and all its rewards along the way.
  5. All items and resources that will drop during Exotic farm.
  6. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact.

Boost takes ~1 week.

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Note: On rank 11 and 22 of the Season Pass the quest requirements are lowered if you have reached those ranks please click the additional option.


  • 1350 power level;
  • Deluxe Witch Queen DLC available.

How To Get Grand Overture Slug Launcher

Every season has a Season Pass (compendium) tied to it. The new Season 16 provides a similar way to get some neet rewards one of them being Grand Overture. The machinegun is obtained on level 1 of the season pass, so grab it once you are in the game.

Slug Launchers represent the cabal race and usually are massive weapons of destruction in D2. Grand Overture is not different when it comes to power. A heavy but stylish gigantic weapon that fires homing auto missiles and fires them rapidly in bursts, feeling more like an SMG but every bullet being a rocket!

D2 - How to get the exotic Grand Overture catalyst?

After you take the Grand Overture from the Season Pass Rank 1 you will be able to take an exotic quest from Banshee-44 the weaponsmith of the Tower similar to the previous season.

Here is a quick review of the ques steps:

  1. Step 1: Defeat targets.
    1. Cabal defeated: 0/50
    2. Targets defeated with Power weapons: 0/50
    3. Rapidly defeated targets 0/15
  2. Step 2: Complete Activities, Defeat Targets
    1. Catalyst calibration: 0/200
    2. Targets defeated: 0%
  3. Step 3: Banshee-44
    1. Obtain the catalyst from the Vendor.

The masterwork for the catalyst requires additional 400 targets in order to apply it to your Grand Overture.

Grand Overture Exotic Catalyst Obtain