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Garden of Salvation Triumphs Seal

The Garden of Salvation Seal is awarded for completion of all 16 triumphs in the GoS raid. Buying the Garden of Salvation Seal carry service will help you obtain the elite Enlightened title and also loot a lot of legendary gear to boost your guardian's power level. Purchase the Enlightened Seal boost and our team will do all the activities to complete the required Triumphs.

Garden of Salvation Seal rewards: 

  1. Enlightened Player Title.
  2. Weapons and armor from Garden of Salvation raid.
  3. Garden of Salvation Badge.
  4. Divinity Trace Rifle.
  5. Exclusive GoS emblems and shaders.
  6. All Seals includes in the pack:
    • Garden of Salvation - GoS raid clear.
    • Clan Night: Garden of Salvation - raid completion with only clanmates.
    • Fluorescent Foliage - 4 bosses defeated with subclasses only.
    • Shade in the Garden - all bosses completed with a party of Void subclasses.
    • Photosynthesis - defeat 4 bosses with fireteam made of Solar subclasses.
    • Secret Garden - 10 hidden chests in GoS looted.
    • Leftovers - Staying Alive challenge.
    • Voltaic Tether - escaping the Consecrated Mind with Voltaic Overflow to tether.
    • A Link to the Chain - challenge completed.
    • Repulsion Theory - summoning the Consecrated Mind while Enlightened.
    • To the Top - completing To the Top Challenge.
    • Relay Rally - kill the Consecrated Mind without players without the Relay buff.
    • Zero to One Hundred - challenge finished.
    • Stop Hitting Yourself - kill 20 enemies with Ves Instantiation while fighting against Sanctified Mind.
    • Divinity's Call - Divinity Trace Rifle obtained.

Boost ETA: 3-4 weeks.

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Before purchasing this service, please check the basic requirements. In case you still have any questions, feel free to contact us in online chat, skype, or discord.


  • Shadowkeep DLC.

Garden of Salvation Seal Boost Explained

D2 Enlightened Seal and title is one of the most challenging activities of GoS raid. It requires guardians to perform a huge list of steps that are not only hard to complete but also time-consuming. That is exactly why we offer the GoS Seal boost for sale here. Taking this opportunity will allow you to get all the rewards from the raid, earn the title, get the Seal with no stress or failure at all. More information about this service is accessible via online chat from our support team.

Garden of Salvation Triumphs Seal