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Fatebreaker Triumph (VoG Raid Seal)

Fatebreaker Seal is the top reward for the Vault of Glass Raid and the Meta Triumph for the whole dungeon. By purchasing the Fatebreaker boosting service, that we offer for sale, you get the full clear of the Vault of Glass rade with all possible challenges completed in order to earn the final raid seal. Our carry team will take care of unlocking the Fatebreaker Seal for your guardian to be awarded the Fatebreker title.

The Fatebreaker Triumph Seal boosting rewards.

  1. Vault of Glass - clear raid in any mode. You get Infinite Reflections.
  2. Vault of Clans - clear raid with a full fireteam of clanmates.
  3. Charged Glass - clear raid with a full team of Arc subclasses.
  4. Melted Glass - clear raid with a full team of Solar subclasses.
  5. Empty Glass - clear raid with a full team of Void subclasses.
  6. Vault of Glass - clear raid with a full team of the same class.
  7. Break No Plates - completion of the Waking Ruins while not losing a single sync plate to the Vex.
  8. Dragon's Den - defeating Wyverns only with Super Damage in confluxes encounter.
  9. Take Cover - complete the Oracles encounter without defeating any Hobgoblins.
  10. Tempered Teleport - never block the Templar’s teleport in Templar encounter.
  11. Too Fast, Two Gorgons - defeat 2 or more Gorgons within 3 seconds of each other.
  12. Rapid Relic - only using Relic Super damage to defeat Praetorians.
  13. Eyes on Atheon - defeat Atheon without destroying any Supplicants.
  14.  Master Glasser - Complete full Vault of Glass raid on a Master difficulty level.

Full Vault of Glass Raid Seal boost ETA: 1 day-5 weeks (Depends on selected Triumphs).

Please note: If you have already completed some of the parts of the VoG Fatebreker Seal, there is nothing to worry about. Just select the missing ones in the options, therefore making the boost shorter in time and cheaper in price.

Before rushing to buy the Fatebreaker title for your Guardian, please have a look at the minimum requirements for this type of boosting service.


  • 1300+ Power Level;
  • D2 Beyond Light DLC;
  • Season 14 Season Pass;
  • Season 14 Campaign completed.

Fatebreaker Seal Boost Explained

Currently, the Fatebreaker title is the top PvE title in D2 and it will always be a recognized achievement among other Guardians. Therefore unlocking it through the Fatebreaker Triumph Seal is a must-do activity for everyone! And it has bever been easier to make by buying our professional Fatebreaker boosting service.

When you purchase Fatebreker Recovery service our carry team will take care of the rest, you may relax and enjoy the completion of every part of this complex Triumph. We hereby guarantee 100% order completion and can vouch for every one of our D2 boosters. In case you still have any questions you want to ask on how to get the Fatebreker title or to get some guidance on Fatebreker Triumph Seals, feel free to talk with our 27/7 available support managers via the online chat.

Fatebreaker Seal