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Expunge Mission (Weekly Pinnacle Mission)

Expunge is a new D2 Season of the Splicer weekly pinnacle mission where Guardians finish the weekly challenge and get powerful pinnacle gear as a reward. Buying the Expunge Mission carry in Season 14 will save you lots of time and still get awesome rewards to boost your power level. Completion of the Expunge: Labyrinth in a 10-minute timeframe, unlocks some additional loot.

To unlock Expunge you need to finish the weekly Override mission handed out by Mithrax’s Servitor in the H.E.L.M.

The Expunge Mission boost reward includes.

  1. Weekly Expungle mission completion.
  2. Pinnacle gear.
  3. x2 extra-large XP and Decrypted Data +150. (if under 10 minutes chosen)

D2 Expunge Mission carry ETA: less than 1 hour.

We offer our Expunge Mission services for sale to all guardians that require our help or wish to complete the Labyrinth in under 10 minutes to get some additional rewards. However, before making a purchase please check out our basic requirements for these types of boosts.


  • D2 Beyond Light DLC;
  • 1290+ Power Level is required.

Expunge Missions in Season 14

The Expunge missions are a set of activities within D2 that take place weekly and located all across the galaxy. Depending on the mission Guardians will have to complete the necessary objectives to loot some powerful pinnacle gear. That being the weekly repeatable mission can take lots of time and a well-geared team to complete, that is where our boosting service comes in handy.

All Expunge MIssions:

  • EXPUNGE: LABYRINTH (The Tangled Shore) - weekly, with pinnacle gear rewards;
  • EXPUNGE: TARTARUS (Rathmore Chaos, Europa);
  • EXPUNGE: STYX (The Moon);
  • EXPUNGE: DELPHI (Rathmore Chaos, Europa).

We offer our boosting service just for the weekly mission that needs to be unlocked through some questing. If you are unsure whether it is unlocked on your guardian or have any other questions to ask us, please feel free to do so via our 24/7 available online chat. Our managers would be glad to assist you and prepare the best package for you.

Expunge Pinnacle Mission