Diablo Immortal Paragon Leveling

Paragon Leveling
Estimated time for boost: 5 days
Choose current and desired paragon level
Estimated time for boost: 5 days

Diablo Immortal paragon farming service is one of the easiest ways to progress the  character in the late game. Paragon is a gameplay mechanic that allows players to continuously develop their toon past the maximum level.

As time-consuming as it is, the system is really important for character progression, and this is exactly why Diablo Immortal paragon boosting is essential for people who value their time but want their character to be relevant at all times.

Diablo Immortal paragon leveling rewards:

  1. Any Paragon level range farmed.
  2. Improved character performance.
  3. Paragon points for each new level:
    • survivor tree - defensive bonuses;
    • vanquisher - offensive bonuses.
  4. Treasure Hunter tree unlocked on Paragon 50:
    • increased gold, experience gains.
  5. Gladiator tree unlocked on Paragon 100:
    • pvp bonuses.
  6. Soldier tree unlocked on Paragon 150:
    • strong group PvP & PvE benefits.
  7. Other items & gold that drop during the service.

Boost takes: varies.

DI Paragon farming service is available in piloted mode only. Please note: if the character is significantly above the current Server Paragon level, the team will need to wait several days to continue the service due to a decrease in the Paragon experience gains.

Before buying our Paragon level boosting, please have a look at the basic requirements. If you don't meet some of them, feel free to contact our managers via the online-chat, skype, or discord.


  • Diablo Immortal account;
  • max (60) level.

Diablo Immortal paragon boost

We offer the fastest paragon leveling in Diablo Immortal with our services. Our teams have been playing games of the series since its inception, and can perform any services as quickly and efficiently as possible. With our help, you can boost paragon level without having to spend time on farming and other tedious time-wasting activities

Fast Diablo Immortal paragon XP Farm

The fastest way to level paragon in Diablo Immortal is playing in a group with classes that have good synergy to your class, as well as being generally skilled in the game. Diablo Immortal heavily rewards people who keep Massacre Bonuses high, which means the more demons you can keep dispatching continuously in the shortest amount of time - the more XP you will get as a result. As a result, it is only possible to achieve the best results with a coordinated group of like-minded people that have the same goal as you, as well as character classes that your character has good synergy with. Not everyone has time to assemble such groups and learn XP metas after every patch, and we understand that.

Our Diablo Immortal paragon boost allows players to completely skip all of the aforementioned requirements and jump straight into the action since our professional team will do everything for them.

Server paragon level system

Paragon level in Diablo III was completely uncapped, which meant that while characters could become incredibly powerful, it made the game more challenging for people who have less time to play or simply started later in the game’s life cycle. In order to eliminate this issue, Diablo Immortal has introduced a system called server paragon level.

The server paragon level is essentially a catch-up mechanism that helps new players to reach the same heights as people who have already been playing for a long time. World paragon level starts at level 0 and increases by 2 at each server reset. If the player is below the server level they will get XP bonuses (up to 800% of additional experience, depending on the server paragon level).

When players match the server paragon they will get normal XP, and when they are ahead they will be penalized for being too ahead of the pack and their progression will get throttled by reducing their XP gain by up to 75%.

It can be rather easy to get ahead of the server paragon level, especially at the launch of the game, since it will be low at the start. And progressing the character will be more tedious than ever with just 25% XP gain. Our paragon boost will solve this problem for you, allowing you to enjoy the highest levels of power without having to wait for many server resets.

If you have any additional questions about the service, feel free to ask our customer support. They work 24/7, and are always happy to help!