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Color of Speed Sparrow

Color of Speed Sparrow is a new exotic mount added with the release of the latest Guardian Games. It has a unique look and would be an awesome addition to your exotics collection. However, it is pretty hard to unlock, because players would have to complete the Guardian Games World-Class Point Scorer Triumph first. Buying the Color of Speed Sparrow boosting service will save you lots of time and still deliver you this mount as a reward!

Color of Speed Sparrow boost rewards.

  1. Color of Speed Exotic Vehicle.
  2. World-Class Point Scorer Triumph completed.
  3. Silver and Gold Medals.
  4. 15 Class points.

D2 Color of Speed Sparrow carry service ETA: 5-8 hours.

Before you rush to purchase the Color of Speed Sparrow boosting service from our professional team, please have a look at the minimum requirements needed.


  • 1150+ Power Level;
  • So the Game Begins intro Quest completed;
  • Beyond Light DLC.

Color of Speed Sparrow Boost Explained

The Color of Speed boosting service is the fastest way to unlock and acquire this D2 mount into your exotics collection. Our carry team will complete the Guardian Games World-Class Point Scorer Triumph so that you can then buy the Color of Speed Exotic Sparrow from Eva Lavante. Apart from getting the Sparrow, our boosted Guardians will harvest some additional rewards, such as Gold and Silver Medals.

It is important to note that the sparrow is not available to purchase at the start of guardian games. To unlock it players would have to earn such an awesome mount through depositing “Class Points”. Therefore the final unlocking requires you to play Guardian games, farm medals, and complete a lengthy quest chain. All that can be easily skipped by simply ordering one of the Color of Speed Sparrows that we offer for sale.

Color of Speed Sparrow
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