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Color of Speed Sparrow

To buy the Color of Speed Exotic Sparrow from Eva, you’ll need to complete the Guardian Games World-Class Point Scorer Triumph first. That’s a three-step Triumph for banking Medals during the course of the Games. If you purchase Color of Speed Sparrow from Boosthive, you'll get your Triumph completed the same day stress-free alongside additional rewards, such as Gold and Silver Medals.

Color of Speed Sparrow boost includes:

  1. Color of Speed Exotic Vehicle;
  2. World-Class Point Scorer Triumph completed;
  3. Silver and Gold Medals;
  4. 15 Class points.

Destiny 2 Color of Speed Sparrow boost ETA: 5 -8 hours


  • 1150+ Power Level;
  • So the Game Begins intro Quest completed;
  • Beyond Light DLC.
Color of Speed Sparrow