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Cenarion Expedition Reputation Boost in TBC Classic

Cenarion Expedition Reputation

Cenarion Expedition is one of the key factions of Outland and therefore one of the main reputations to farm. Buying the Cenarion Expedition carry service will not only unlock access to the Coilfang Reservoir’s heroic dungeons but also unlock an impressive 2-handed mace and the unique epic flying mount. 

Cenarion Expedition's reputation boost that we offer for sale allows players to skip the tedious process of rep grinding and get straight to the fun part of heroic dungeons and some awesome rewards.

Cenarion Expedition Reputation Boosting Rewards.

  1. Reach Exalted reputation with Cenarion Expedition faction in TBC Classic.
  2. Unlock unique epic flying mount Cenarion War Hippogryph.
  3. Gain access to Reservoir Key, unlocking heroic dungeons.
  4. Unlock a 2-handed mace - Earthwarden.
  5. Learn new crafting profession recipes. (based on your current profession)

Boost takes: 1 day from Neutral.

If you already farmed some of the reputation levels with this faction you may select the appropriate option, therefore making the boosting service faster and cheaper.

Boosthive’s Cenarion Expedition reputation farming services make use of questing in Zangarmarsh zone and/or normal dungeon spam until the Exalted level will be achieved. However, before purchasing this carry please have a look at some requirements.


  • WoW Burning Crusade Classic account ;
  • 70 Level character;
  • This boost is piloted and requires account sharing.

Where is Cenarion Expedition Reputation Vendor?

All those above-mentioned rewards and some additional handy items can be purchased from the main Quartermaster of the Cenarion Expedition - Fedryen Swiftspear. He is located at Cenarion Refuge in one of the first questing hubs of the Zangarmarsh zone.

If you still have any questions regarding this product feel free to chat with one of our 24/7 available support managers and they will gladly assist you in any way possible.

Cenarion Expedition Reputation