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Boots of the Assembler Exotic Boost

Boots of the Assembler boost is a service that provides a new powerful exotic tool for a warlock added in Season of Splicer (Season 14) that randomly drop from the Legend and Master Lost Sector.

After buying Boots of the Assembler exotic a professional guardian will complete a Lost Sector on Legend or Master difficulty for you until you get the guaranteed boots.

Boots of the Assembler Exotic carry rewards:

  1. Boots of the Assembler Exotic guaranteed.
  2. Legend/Master Lost Sector runs.
  3. experience for Artifact Level and Season Pass.
  4. Enhancement Cores.

Boost takes: ~1 day.


  • 1290+ Power Level
  • this boost is recovery & requires account sharing.

Important: Exotic Armor rotates daily. ETA of the service can be increased.

D2 Boots of the Assembler Boosting Service

The great thing about Boots of the Assembler is that they are subclass agnostic, meaning any of the warlock subclasses can use them effectively. The boots themselves provide a serious supporting power to every ally in the fireteam of the warlock as for themselves, giving a massive healing burst so as increasing the damage of your team.

We will complete the Boots of the Assembler carry by completing a Legend or Master Lost Sector when it is a day that’s dropping legs. Whenever a legies day is up, we will jump into a Legendary Lost Sector and complete the trial until it drops the correct Exotic legs.

Boots of the Assembler Exotic