Blackwing Descent Boost

Blackwing Descent

The Blackwing Descent boost is a fast loot run to clear both boss encounters of this tier 11 raid. Get powerful 359-372 ilvl gear, as well as other rewards without breaking a sweat! Many great rewards await players at the peak of Blackrock Spire. Don’t miss out on any of the rewards and use our professional Blackwing Descent carry.

BWD boost is great for players who want to get rewards without having to look for a proper team or GDKP run. Our professional players have been playing this game for years in order to ensure smooth and quick service completion. Join us in the Blackwing Descent loot run and experience this classic raid in a relaxed atmosphere.

Start time: flexible | Boost takes: 3-4 hours. 

WoW Blackwing Descent raid carry includes:

  1. BWD raid completed on your chosen difficulty.
  2. Raid-related achievements unlocked.
  3. Ilvl of gear that drops in BWD:
    • Normal: 359 ilvl;
    • Heroic: 372 ilvl.
  4. Loot guarantees in BWD runs:
    • MS>OS runs: no exact number of items guarantee.
    • Guaranteed items: 2 items (10 ppl), 4 items (25 ppl).

Please make sure to take a look at the requirements for this service before buying an BWD loot run.


  • level 85;
  • MS>OS runs are piloted only;
  • fresh BWD cooldown.

Blackwing Descent Loot Distribution Options

  • Guaranteed items: You are guaranteed to get the specified number of items that are appropriate for your spec. In case you get fewer items, we will finish several bosses in a week to get the minimum guarantee.
  • MS>OS: All items will be rolled between raid members. Rolls for the main spec will have a higher priority than rolls for secondary specialization. There are no minimal guarantees that you can get during the run.

How it Works

You might be wondering how you can buy Blackwing Descent boost, and what the entire procedure looks like. We have compiled this detailed list that includes everything that goes into this process so you can buy Blackwing Descent boost in WoW without worrying.

  1. Pick your desired raid mode (Choose between HM and NM as well as 10 or 25).
  2. Customize your order with additional options.
  3. Proceed to the checkout, finalize the payment, and specify your character info.
  4. We will contact you within 3 to 7 minutes to talk over details and schedule the raid.
  5. Your Blackwing Descent raid boost will happen within 1 to 4 days with all the options you’ve selected.
  6. Your raid will start at the appointed time, so please be online if you’ve selected a selfplay option.
  7. We will clear the entire raid and you get the rewards!

The service is quite simple and effective in getting rewards from Blackwing Descent. However, if you have some more questions or want to customize your order even further – don’t hesitate to reach out! Our customer service team consists of real people and is available 24/7. Make your Cataclysm gameplay more enjoyable with Boosthive today!

Bosses in Blackwing Descent Boosting

There are 6 boss fights in this raid and they are very formidable. Here we have compiled a full list of bosses that you can expect to get loot from during the Blackwing Descent boost in WoW.

List of Blackwing Descent bosses:

  1. Magmaw
  2. Omnotron Defense System
  3. Maloriak
  4. Atramedes
  5. Chimaeron
  6. Nefarian

Each boss presents a formidable challenge and requires its own approach. Forget about wiping with random teams when you can dispatch all of these bosses side by side with professionals in a relaxed atmosphere via a Blackwing Descent boost.

Blackwing Descent