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Bastion Exotic

Here you can buy Bastion Exotic weapon in D2. It's a new Exotic Fusion Rifle with unique perks added in Season of Dawn. For receiving this weapon we will complete the exotic quest chain.

Boost ETA: 12 hours.

We support all platforms: PC, PS4, and Xbox. Price and ETA could be lowered if you completed a part of questline.

Bastion Exotic boost includes:

  • Completion of Bastion Exotic quest chain
  • A lot of legendary loot
  • Piloted mode
  • VPN for account safety matching our current location

For the Livestream - please ask about the technical possibility before we start.


  • Shadowkeep expansion purchased
  • Season of Dawn season pass
  • Account sharing

We never ask your secret questions or any other information, so your account will be protected from theft.

Bastion Exotic