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Plug One Adept Fusion Rifle

Players’ favorite Legendary fusion rifle Plug One just got even nastier! Adept version is an ultimate weapon for both PvP and PvE activities of D2 and everyone should farm the god roll copy while it is still available.

Buying the Plug One Adept Rifle boosting service will get you any number of copies until you will be fully satisfied with the combination of powerful perks and stat rolls.

Adept Plug One carry rewards:

  1. Chosen amount of Adept Plug One Fusion Rifle farmed.
  2. Exotic Armor dropped.
  3. Ascendant shards and Enhancement prisms.
  4. Grandmaster nightfall completion for Conqueror seal.
  5. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact.

Boost takes: 1 day.

This weapon is available only for a short period of time every 4 weeks. So in some cases, we need to wait before we start Adept Plug One farm.

Safety: 100% guaranteed VPN use in our recovery (piloted) services.


  • 1575+ power level;
  • This boost is a recovery (piloted).

Adept Plug One .1 Carry Service

With the addition of Plug Adept to the Grand Master Nightfall rewards rotation, it became obvious that the demand for this legendary gun will skyrocket. However, it is at times difficult to complete this challenging activity especially if you require more than one Adept Plug One roll. 

That is exactly why we offer you to buy Adept Plug One farming service and enjoy as many rolls as you need to loot the perfect god roll. If you still have any questions about the Adept version of Plug Rifle or want to see why it is better thz\aa the regular gun, feel free to reach out to us via online chat.

Adept Plug One
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