Throne and Liberty Currency

Buy Throne and Liberty Currencies if you want to acquire as much currency as you need without paying attention to various in-game activities that may require significant time investment. Tedious farming or enjoyable gameplay? We know the answer, and we are ready to farm any currency for you as quickly as possible.

What are Throne and Liberty Primary Currencies?

Lucent and Sollant are two types of in-game currencies you can buy in Throne and Liberty.

Lucent: Lucent is a currency used primarily in the in-game marketplace. Players can buy various items, resources, and services from other players or NPCs using Lucent. It serves as a medium of exchange within the game economy, facilitating trade and transactions between players.

Sollant: Sollant, on the other hand, is a currency with specific limitations. Unlike Lucent, Sollant cannot be directly transferred to other players. Instead, it is utilized for upgrading gear and purchasing consumables necessary for gameplay. Sollant is typically earned through gameplay achievements, quests, or other in-game activities and is essential for character progression and enhancing equipment effectiveness.

Can Sollant Be Traded?

No, Sollant cannot be traded directly between players. It is specifically designed to be non-transferable.

This limitation means that players cannot exchange Sollant with each other or trade it through the in-game marketplace like Lucent or other tradable currencies. This means we can farm this T&L currency for you in the shortest time possible.

Other T&L Currencies For Sale

In addition to Lucent and Sollant, there are several other currencies in Throne and Liberty. These include:

Guild Coins: These are likely used within the guild system of the game. Players can use guild coins to enhance guild bonuses, unlock special items, or participate in guild events.

Contract Coins: Contract coins are presumably used for making various deals or accessing contract-based tasks or missions within the game. They may be related to specific in-game mechanics or activities.

Ornamental Coins: Ornamental coins are used for purchasing cosmetic items or decorations that do not have direct gameplay significance. Players can use them to enhance the visual appearance of their characters or their surroundings.

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