Counter Strike 2 Rank Boosting

Competitive Rank

Counter Strike 2 ranked boosting is a service to increase your rank quickly and without stress. Ranked system determines how good a player is, and having a profile with rank is highly desirable for many gamers. Counter Strike 2 ranked carry is performed by professional players, which means that it doesn’t take much time and results are guaranteed.

CS2 rank boost is a great way to play with some of the most skilled players in the game. Forget about sinking hundreds of hours into grind when we can do it for you. Simply select the rank you want to achieve and we will boost your ranking in CS2 in the shortest time possible.

Boost takes: Flexible / Start time 40-50 minutes.

CS2 rank boosting includes:

  1. Your desired CS2 rank.
  2. High K/D ratio during the boost.
  3. Cases and skins dropped during the boost.
  4. Selfplay as an additional option.

CS 2 rating boost is available for all players in both EU and US regions, however, please keep in mind that you have to get Prime status first in order to get access to ranked matches. You will also need to finish placement matches before you buy Counter-Strike 2 rank boosting.


  • CS2 account;
  • placement matches completed;
  • Prime status.

Professional CS2 Rank Boosting

By purchasing this service you can boost your CS 2 rank quickly and without any stress. Forget about having to waste countless hours learning the mechanics and perfecting your aim just to get to the higher rank.

Relax and let our professional players handle everything for you. Our talented teams have years of experience in Counter-Strike. They have been playing the game and honing their skill ever since the release of the original game in the early 2000s, which means that the services they provide are of high quality.

CS2 Ranks Boosting Duration

We offer all CS2 ranks for boosting here at Boosthive. This means that all of the following CS2 ranks are available for purchase.

CS2 rank boosting ETA:

  1. Silver I to Gold Nova I: 1 day 4 hours.
  2. Gold Nova I to Master Guardian I: 1 day 12 hours.
  3. Master Guardian I to Legendary Eagle: 2 days 8 hours.
  4. Legendary Eagle to Global Elite: 3 days.

Simply select the rank that you wish to achieve and let us handle the rest. We will also ensure a high K/D ratio for your profile.

If you have any questions or want to add something extra to your rank boosting in CS2, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly! Our customer service team is available 24/7, meaning that you can receive assistance at any time. You can contact us via Discord or live chat right here on the website. Increase your CS2 enjoyment today with Boosthive.

Competitive Rank