Warlock Green Fire Quest Boost

Warlock Green Fire Quest

The Green Fire of Legion is one of the coolest cosmetic effects for the Warlock class in the whole game. It changes all naturally orange fire spells such as “immolate” and “rain of fire” into the bright green fel charged magic. It looks awesome but to unlock the green fire for your Warlock would require quite some time and some effort. Luckily we offer you to buy the Warlock green fire quest completion and get to skip all the boring parts of it.

Boost takes: 1-2 hours / Start time: 1 hour.

Warlock Green Fire boost includes the following rewards.

  1. Full An Unusual Tome questline completed.
  2. All the pre quests done and the final boss defeated.
  3. Green Fire cosmetic effect unlocked.
  4. Manual boost with only time-proven methods.

Since this quest chain is of the past expansion there are just a few basic requirements for this type of service.


Please note: that Breaker of the Black Harvest FoS is no longer available in-game.

Warlock Green Fire Quest in Shadowlands

The main question we usually asked is - “Can I still get the green fire cosmetic effect for my Warlock character in Shadowlands?” and we are glad to tell you that - yes, you can! Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion is still available for several places in the game and once you have it in your inventory you can start the green fire quest.

Although it is now easier to complete with an overgeared character the downscaling of the level messed it up a bit and it still can take several attempts to defeat the last boss. Therefore we are offering you to purchase fast Warlock fel fire quest carry and enjoy the result on all other warlocks linked to the same account.

If you still have questions please feel free to speak to one of our 24/7 available support managers and they will gladly assist you with merely anything game-related.

Warlock Green Fire Quest