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D3 Leveling 1-70

Here you can make a purchase a fast power-leveling to 70 level of your character. Available self-play and ACC play mode. We will carry you via rifts with our character. All items/loot included during the leveling service. We support Softcore/Harcore mode Seasonal and Non-season characters.

ETA: 20-50 minutes

Please note that service will be unavailable for 24-36 hours after the season starts for softcore and 4-5 days for hardcore mode.

Diablo 3 leveling rewards:

  • 70 level of your character
  • Same price for Softcore/Hardcore mode
  • Same price for Seasonal/Non-season heroes
  • All loot included
  • Chosen amount of Legendaries x50/100/150 (Only account sharing option)
  • Chosen amount of Horadric Caches
  • Chosen amount of G-Rift runs (Price includes 10 keys for open GR)
  • Chosen amount of Nephalem runs

Please note that currently, we support only PC.


  • Reaper of Souls
  • No gear or other requirements.

We don't ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from steal.