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Overwatch account services are designed to help players to achieve various goals in many different game modes that can be found in this multiplayer shooter. With new modes added to the game, there are more things to achieve than ever before. There is plenty to do apart from chasing a higher position in the ladder, for example, arcade games, or even PvE. All these activities reward players with various rewards, as well as leveling their battle pass, which is the main source of goodies in the second Overwatch installment.

Types of OW 2 Account Services

There are many ways to enjoy this multiplayer shooter, and for many players, it would be arcade games. Not only are they a great way to level your battle pass to get new and exciting rewards, cosmetics, and even unlock new characters, but they also lack the pressure and stress that the competitive ladder introduces to the game. 

Much like with the first game, there are many different ways to enjoy Overwatch 2. Let’s take a quick look at the game modes that are included in it, as well as what each mode offers players from a gameplay perspective.

  • Control - defeat the opponents in a best-of-three format in a variety of different objective areas;
  • Assault - capture different points on the map to get an advantage against an enemy team;
  • Push - fight against the enemy team for control over a moving robot;
  • Hero Missions - take advantage of your character’s specific talents against AI enemies;
  • Hybrid - a mix of Assault and Push game modes;
  • Story Experience - enjoy a narrative-focused experience in this brand new PvE mode.

With bonus arcade game modes such as:

  • Capture the Flag - as the name suggests, capture more flags than the enemy team in a span of 5 minutes in order to secure the victory;
  • Deathmatch - reach 20 frag points faster than any other player in order to win;
  • Elimination - dispatch all three enemy players without a chance to respawn.

Playing any of these game modes provides you with experience for the battle pass, which is the main path of progression in OW2. Story Experience, Hero Missions, and Push are completely new to the series and will provide players with fresh experiences. On top of that, plaything through 9 matches of arcade mode will speed up the battle pass progression. 

Our Overwatch account services will help you with unlocking all the rewards that playing any of these modes delivers, but in the shortest time, and without any stress. For players who are eager to learn more about the mechanics, or simply want to get better at playing Overwatch, we are offering coaching sessions with our professional players. They will explain to you how to be more efficient during the match, as well as answer your questions and give advice.

Advantages of Boosthive’s Overwatch Account Services

If you decide to use our services to help you with any aspect of Overwatch 2, you can always expect the highest quality and shortest service completion time. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, and it is reflected in our Trustpilot reviews. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you get when you choose our OW 2 account services over similar websites.

  1. Friendly customer support is available 24/7.
  2. Safety and security are always ensured by using VPN services.
  3. All services are performed manually without using bots, cheats, or any kind of 3rd party software.
  4. It is possible to create a custom offer if you require a boost that isn’t listed on our website.
  5. Safe payment systems ensure your security, as well as comfort during the checkout.
  6. Fair prices for all services.
  7. We work with all platforms. No matter where you enjoy Overwatch 2, our services will be available.
  8. Experienced teams of professional players are always ready to take on your order.

As you can see there is a lot to love about our Overwatch 2 account services. Enjoy the game in the best way possible with Boosthive.

If you have any questions regarding the services or want to add something extra to your order - don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Our customer support team is available at all times, and is always ready to assist!

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