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WoW Classic Leveling Boost

Looking to buy fast and smooth wow classic power-leveling boost with start on release date? Boosthive is your choice! Our powerlevelers ready to start from the first minute to reach the max level in the shortest time. This service will take ~3 weeks for completion. We strongly recommend not to wait until the last day to book that spots for wow vanilla leveling since slots with start on August 29 are limited and we could stop taking pre-orders anytime.

Why classic WoW Powerleveling is so long?

Leveling was a major part of character progression in original vanilla wow. Mobs respawn was static and whole queues were arranged to kill the mob hold up experience gaining. Equipment which you get on 45-50 levels could be used at level 60 before getting loot from raids, so a lot of players farming the same locations, dungeons or mobs as you. We considering that the first month will take ~3 weeks and then it will be lowered to 1 week.

Is it safe to buy wow vanilla leveling?


Our first priority is safety for our customer's accounts. We have 5 years' experience in boosting actual WoW and the Trustpilot page with thousands of feedbacks could say more about us.


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Could I get a discount if I already made half of the work?

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