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WoW Classic (Vanilla) Gold

Do you need more gold? Well, who doesn't!? Luckily, here at Boosthive, buying cheap WoW Classic gold is easier than ever. Simply choose the appropriate realm and the desired amount of gold you want. Within 15 minutes, you'll witness how easy it was to buy Classic WoW gold.

Some of us remember how poor we were, back in Vanilla. And as expected, soon after the release, there was a way to buy cheap Vanilla WoW gold online and many players saw the benefits. Fifteen years later, not much has changed. Today, gold in WoW Classic has the very same importance as then, if not more.

That's why so many players, many of which are now satisfied customers, reach out to us and buy WoW Vanilla gold using our services.


By choosing Boosthive, you are well on your way to a whole new WoW Classic experience.

Need a new mount? Maybe that sweet BoE Belt that has been sitting on the Auction House and you really, really need it? How about a whole array of old, BoE items that fit perfectly into your new look?


Buy our cheap WoW Classic gold and forget your worries. With few clicks and only 15 minutes of waiting, you can finally afford to buy and own everything that you ever wanted.


Once you order your desired amount of gold, all trading is done in-game, via Auction Houses.

We feel this is the safest method of gold transfer (5% AH fee is included in the price).

If you're interested in seeing the amount of Boosthive's WoW Classic gold available on each of the realms, you can find it on the product page. We update this regularly to provide the most accurate information we are able to.

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We are online NOW and 24/7

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Only game experts on our team

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We only use safe and time-proven methods

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