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TBC Marks of Honor Farm

Marks of Honor is one of the main PvP currencies in the Burning Crusade Classic. Farming Marks of Honor can become a tedious task for players who value their time but still want to get cool PvP rewards and faction mounts.

Buying Marks of Honor solves this problem as you can simply order as many as you require and get them boosted by our pro team.

TBC Marks of Honor carry includes:

  1. Any amount of Marks of Honor from chosen BG:
    • Alterac Valley Mark of Honor;
    • Warsong Gulch Mark of Honor
    • Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor;
    • Arathi Basin Mark of Honor.
  2. A lot of Honor Points.
  3. Reputation with PvP factions on battlegrounds.
  4. Marks of Honor can be exchanged for powerful PvP gear for 70 level.

Boost ETA: ~20-25 Marks/day.

Important: BG queues on Horde are very long, so this service might take much longer if you're playing Horde. This will change when Blizzard adds same-faction battlegrounds in the upcoming patch.


  • WoW Burning Crusade Classic account;
  • 70 level;
  • this boost is piloted.

TBC Marks of Honor Boost Explained

Have you ever felt tired of farming TBC Classic battlegrounds? You know the feeling when you still need a couple of dozens Honor Marks but have no time and desire to fight another BG. If that is the case then Boosthive is here to help. Our fast Marks of Honor boosting service is right what you need to free up some time and still bet awesome PvP goodies.

Just select the amount and the MoH type you need, place the order and enjoy your free time while we take care of the rest. In case you want more than available in one order, or wish to farm them on different characters, or want us to buy rewards in the process of farming. Please speak to our 24/7 available support agents and they will help you with anything.

TBC Marks of Honor