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TBC Karazhan Attunement Boost

Karazhan Attunement Questline is one of the main tasks that players have to complete right at the beginning of their Outland Journey. Buying the Karazhan attunement from our professional boosters will unlock the access for your character to the first raid of TBC Classic expansion.

The Master's Key - is the item you need to get attuned to the Karazhan raid access in TBC Classic. Obtaining the key includes several runs into the dungeons such as Shadow Labyrinth, The Steamvault, and The Arcatraz.

Classic Burning Crusade Karazhan Attunement boost rewards:

  1. The Master's Key obtained.
  2. Unlock the Karazhan raid by completing Return to Khadgar quest.
  3. Shadow Labyrinth, The Steamvault, and The Arcatraz cleared.
  4. All loot, gold, and resources gathered during the boost.
  5. Reputation with several factions, including the Violet Eye.
  6. Private Livestream (check for availability at the time of order).
  7. Elite VPN security for additional account safety.

The Burning Crusade Classic Karazhan attunement carry ETA: ~ 1-2 days.

In case you have already completed part of the Karazhan questline our carry team can finish it off for you. Please select the right options (quests) that you still missing and make the boost faster and cheaper. 

Buying the Karazhan Attunement that we offer for sale here is available for every player of WoW TBC Classic, however before the purchase please pay attention to some basic requirements for this type of boosting service.


  • 70 level TBCC character;
  • WoW Classic: TBC expansion active;
  • at least 60% flying unlocked;
  • this boost is piloted;
  • no specific gear required.

Our support team is working 24/7 to provide you with the smoothest boosting experience. If you encounter any difficulty before, during, or after the boost, do not hesitate to contact them via support chat. Below you will find a detailed explanation of how does the Jarazhan attunement boost works.

How to unlock the Karazhan Raid in TBC Classic?

The first reading tier of TBC classic (Tier 4) will take place in the old mage tower. However, to access it players would need to complete a lengthy quest chain consisting of 7 major parts.

  1. Archmage Alturus Questline.
  2. Shadow Labyrinth Attunement.
  3. Obtainment of the First Key Fragment.
  4. The Arcatraz Attunemnt.
  5. Loot the Second and Third Key Fragments.
  6. The Black Morass attunement.
  7. Opening of the Dark Portal questline.

The Karazhan questline includes several dungeons runs and various grind-like quests that may slow your process and drive you mad especially if you lack a good well-geared party and time to complete it all. In that case, buying the Karazhan attunement carry is the fastest and the most convenient option for you.

TBC Karazhan Attunement