PoE Mirror of Kalandra

Mirror of Kalandra

Mirror of Kalandra (Mirror) is one of the rarest currencies in Path of Exile. Its drops from bosses with a very low drop rate, so players spend days trying to loot even one. The best way to get it fast is to buy Mirror of Kalandra from us. Receive as many Mirrors as you need without the necessity of an endless farm.

PoE Mirror of Kalandra currency allows duplicating any piece of non-unique equipment, non-corrupted item, or map. The duplicated item is fully identical to its origin but it cannot be modified further. We offer the cheapest Mirror of Kalandra for sale for everybody who wants to become extremely rich in-game.

Path of Exile Mirror of Kalandra trade includes:

  1. Get the desired amount of Mirrors of Kalandra
  2. Fair price and fast delivery.
  3. Safe trading methods.

Delivery time: 1-2 hours. Depends on the amount.

You can select any amount of Mirrors of Kalandra by using our slider. Getting more orbs will result in a larger discount. Before buying Mirror of Kalandra, please have a look at the minimal requirements.


  • character in a chosen league;
  • available on PC only;
  • rare item to put for trade.

Buying Mirror of Kalandra in PoE

It is hard to get this item because its drop rate is somewhere around 0.0001%. But Boosthive has a much easier solution. We have already farmed several Mirror of Kalandra orbs in all modes and Leagues. Our professional boosters are ready to share their stocks with you after the purchase.

The whole process of ordering Path of Exile Mirror Orbs is very simple and customer-friendly:

  1. Decide how many orbs you want to get. Pick up League and difficulty.
  2. Select the number with a calculator.
  3. Proceed to checkout and place an order.
  4. Enter contact and character information.
  5. Our team will contact you within 7 minutes to clear all details.
  6. Mirror of Kalandra will be delivered as soon as possible.
  7. Do not talk about the purchase in-game. Use the online chat or discord for dialog.
  8. When trading, place any rare item for trade. It should not be unique, magic item.

Here we go. Now you can enjoy the safe trade and use the Orbs on your account to duplicate gear or simply become rich. Why should anybody care about Mirror of Kalandra farm when they can get them from professional boosters within a few clicks?

Mirror of Kalandra Drop Rate

Perhaps you might wonder how to farm Mirror of Kalandra fast and efficiently? The simple answer is you can't. Mirror drop rate is somewhere around 0,0001% and some players might not even have seen a single drop. Even our boosters had to spend hours and hours of farming to get at least one drop.

Besides being one of the rarest currencies in Path of Exile, Mirror of Kalandra is also the most valuable one. Some players may underestimate its worth. It is usually sold from 100 dollars up to 300 dollars per item.

Mirror of Kalandra farm is also very limited:

  • get it from monsters and other loot containers with an extremely low chance;
  • assemble pieces using Mirror Shards that also drop at a low rate.

And the fastest and the most efficient way is to buy Mirror of Kalandra from trusted sellers like Boosthive. 

If you still have any questions or some custom requests before purchasing Mirror of Kalandra from Boosthive - feel free to contact us in any convenient form: online chat, skype, or discord. Managers are available 24/7.

Mirror of Kalandra