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TBC Heroic Coilfang Reservoir Attunement

Coilfang Reservoir Attunement boost is your best chance to gain access to some of the most important pre-raid dungeons of the Burning Crusade Classic. Buying the CR heroic attunement allows you to skip the boring Cenarion Expedition faction reputation farm and still be able to get the Reservoir Key to unlock heroic dungeons and later the SSC raid.

Reservoir Key unlocks the heroic difficulty access for the following dungeons in the Coilfang Reservoir: Slave Pens, The Steamvault, and The Underbog.

Classic Burning Crusade Coilfang Reservoir Attunement boost rewards:

  1. Reservoir Key obtained.
  2. Cenarion Expedition reputation farmed to Honored.
  3. Access to Coilfang Reservoir Heroic dungeons unlocked.

Boost takes: 1 day.

The delivery time can be shorter and depends mainly on the amount of Cenarion Expedition reputation you currently have. 

Buying the Coilfang Reservoir Attunement that we offer for sale here is available for every player of WoW TBC Classic, however before the purchase please pay attention to some basic requirements for this type of boosting service.


  • 70 level TBCC character;
  • WoW Classic: TBC expansion active;
  • this boost is piloted;
  • no gear requirement.

We have a team of support managers that are available 24/7 and would be glad to help you with any queries that may arise in regards to the TBC dungeon attunement boosting service. Feel free to contact them and ask for more information or a custom order.

Buying Heroic Coilfang Reservoir Attunement Service

In order to attune your character for the heroic Coilfang Reservoir dungeons, you will just need to place your order here and our professional carry team will take it from there. We will boost that Cenarion Expedition level right to Honored and get you the Reservoir Key so that you can start gathering that pre-raiding gear in the fastest way possible.

Coilfang Reservoir Attunement