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WotLK Emblems of Heroism Farm

This is the right place to buy Emblems of Heroism in WotLK Classic. This is the main currency used to purchase 200 ilvl epic gear from the vendor in Dalaran. Emblems of Heroism only drop in Wrath of the Lich King heroic dungeons, making it quite hard to get lots of them quick.

Players can spend a lot of time grinding the needed amount of Emblems of Heroism to purchase gear and even T7 gloves and chest. That problem disappears completely as we offer Emblem of Heroism farm service for a cheap price. Obtain some powerful raid-quality gear for Emblems of Heroism really fast.

WotLK Emblems of Heroism boosting rewards:

  1. Any amount of Emblem of Heroism farmed.
  2. WotLK heroic dungeons completed.
  3. Chance to loot some 200 ilvl rare items from heroics.

Boost takes: ~25-30 Emblems/day.

Important: Emblems of Heroism can only be farmed in Wrath heroic dungeons. Please select the desired number of Emblems with the slider and we will get them in no time while you enjoy more interesting activities.

There are no more attunements, so any 80 lvl character can get access to those. However, we recommend reading the minimum requirements before buying Emblem of Heroism grind service.


  • 80 level with blue gear;
  • this service is piloted only.

How to get Emblems of Heroism in WotLK?

Emblem of Heroism is a currency that drops from heroic bosses in Northrend dungeons during Phase 1. This currency is used to purchase solid 200 ilvl gear from vendors in Dalaran, including Tier 7 chest and gloves. So players might wonder how to farm Emblems of Heroism fast and efficiently? There are only two ways of acquiring these:

  1. Each boss in heroic dungeon drops x1 Emblem of Heroism.
  2. One daily heroic quest in Dalaran awards x2 Emblems of Heroism.

The best and most efficient way to do so without spending hours of your time is to use our service! Enjoy your free time and more interesting activities while we do effective Emblem of Herois boosting for you. Come back after the farm is done and enjoy all the juicy rewards! If you need hundreds of such Emblems - this will help you not to get burnt out.

What can you buy for Emblems of Heroism?

Before buying Emblems of Heroism farming service you might wonder what can players obtain with this currency.

The list of notable rewards includes (but is not limited to):

  • ilvl 200 epic-quality gear;
  • ilvl 200 rare Savage Gladiator's PvP gear;
  • epic-quality gems;
  • tokens to exchange for Tier 7 gloves and chest;
  • heirloom items.

Emblems of Heroism vendors can be found in most of Dalaran weapon and armor shops, that are spread all over the city. There is also one vendor in the Horde and Alliance quarters of Dalaran.

How many Emblems of Heroism per day can you get?

With the removal of the Dungeon Finder in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, players can now farm a limited number of Emblems of Heroism per day. Assuming you managed to do all x12 heroic dungeons and complete the daily quest, your character will earn around 53 Emblems of Heroism. This requires over 10 hours of actively playing - the time and effort that most of the player base doesn't have.

This is not how it should be! That's why buying Emblems of Heroism farm from us can be the best option here. Searching for group without a dungeon finder might be a long and boring experience, making the process even less satisfying. But using our service, you will still manage to purchase epic PvE gear from vendors to start raiding.

If you still have any questions - feel free to contact us anytime via online chat, Discord, or Skype before getting Emblems of Heroism carry. The team works 24/7 and we are always online to help with any uncertainties and answer all the questions regarding our services.

Emblems of Heroism