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Uldir, Halls of Control Raid Services

Marvelous and difficult Uldir raid is the first Battle for Azeroth raid. It’s a completely unique and innovative adventure that will be super difficult for new players to participate in. If you don’t have some decent boosted armor, this adventure is not for you either. Uldir raid needs some serious preparations, and the best you can do is just buy Uldir raid carry and you’ll get some legendary strong gear, excellent bonuses, rewards and many new achievements. Our professional players will make the boosting process completely safe and effective.


Uldir raid boost options:

Out site provides many options for new players as well as advanced ones. If you’re still new to the whole WoW world, but still would like to participate in super difficult raids, we advice you to order Uldir Full Gear service. It will help you prepare your character for difficult boss battles and boost your level and gear considerably.


To order this kind of service you need a 120+ level character, fresh raid cooldown and any gear available. If your character hasn’t reached 120 level yet, you can still purchase a level boost on our site. The boost itself will take from just 1 night up to 14 days depending on the option you choose. The Full Gear service takes 2-6 weeks to complete, so be patient and watch our top players boosting your character to the brand new level via stream. Yes, we do provide personal streams to ensure your account’s safety and make the whole proves for you even more enjoyable.


You can order a selfplay or piloted mode. Selfplay means you can play the character by yourself and with the help of our professionals. Of course, this service will cost more than piloted version, where you have to temporarily hand over your account to our top players who will be working to earn the best Uldir gear. We guarantee your account’s complete safety as we do not use cheats and provide VPN for every account we work with. Plus, we do not ask for your secret question to ensure 100% safety of our service.


How to pass the Halls of Control


Participation in Uldir raid requires a character of 120+ level, which is very difficult to achieve. If you have already reached such a high level, you must have earned different advanced gear that will help you to fight with strong bosses in this adventurous location. To pass The Halls of Control you need to defeat 8 bosses:


  1. Taloc
  2. the MOTHER
  3. Fetid Devourer,
  4. Zek’voz
  5. Vectis
  6. Zul, Reborn
  7. Mythrax the Unraveler
  8. G’huun


Every other boss is more difficult to defeat than the previous one, but the loot is incredible and prepares you to fight the next boss successfully. The most powerful and hard to defeat if G’huun boss. You need all the gear possible and impossible to put a decent fight against such an enemy. Fortunately, our site provides an offer of killing this boss and earning some incredible Normal, Heroic and Mythic 355+level items. All you need to do is boost up your character to 120 level and get a fresh raid cooldown.


We provide a G’huun kill for both Normal and Heroic mode, the price varies accordingly. You can order a selfplay if you want to play your character for yourself or piloted mode, in this case our professional players will take care of the boss for you. You need to provide access to your account without revealing your secret question, so it’s totally safe. The service takes 1 up to 24 hours to complete.


Halls of Control Raid Boost


Since we all have real life, families, jobs and children, sometimes it’s simply impossible to spend as much time in WoW as we would like to. To participate in this particular event you have to gear up your character, level up considerably and prepare yourself for splendid boss fights! Can you afford spending hours boosting your character when you’re already short on time? Probably not, which is very disappointing… But we still have a solution! We provide Halls of Control raid Boost for both Normal and Heroic mode for those gamers who aren’t able to play non-stop.


You also get Personal loot mode, which allows you to get more unique items. Personal loot always drops you more treasures, plus you’ll be able to trade items you get if you already have the same one in your inventory or a higher rank piece in the same slot. Note, that for every extra player above 10 participating in the raid gets you 20% chance of additional unique gear drop.


Uldir Halls of Control boost takes 2 up to 48 hours to complete. You still need a character 120+ level and a fresh raid cooldown. You can order a piloted or selfplayed mode, which will result in extra price to be paid. We also offer option for trading loot, you may choose 3 or 5 extra boosters. To ensure your account’s safety we provide a personal stream for the piloted mode, and we do not need your secret question so you don’t have to worry about theft. Order an Uldir Raid boost and enjoy the WoW game to the fullest!


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