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The Eternal Palace Boost

Buy Azshara's Eternal Palace services with best gear, first underwater boss in WoW, achievements and Ahead of Curve/Cutting Edge Feats of Strengths. EP is a new Naga raid added in Rise of Azshara 8.2 patch. The Eternal Palace carry consists of seven new bosses and one underwater boss: Underwater Monstrosity, Za'qul, Herald of N'zoth, The Hatchery, Abyssal Commander Sivara, Rage of Azshara, Lady Priscilla Ashvane, The Queen's Court and Queen Azshara. The Eternal Palace (TEP) raid boost services we offer:

Azshara's Eternal Palace is located in Nazjatar new zone in the depths of the ocean. After Azshara’s defeat players will see an epic cinematic which will reveal the final boss in Battle for Azeroth 8.3. The Eternal Palace in normal and heroic difficulty will be opened 3-4 weeks after release of 8.2 patch. Mythic and LFR first wing will be opened 1 week later.
Gear item level:

  • LFR - 400
  • Normal – 415
  • Heroic – 430
  • Mythic  - 445


Our carry services in The Eternal Palace:

  • 8/8 Full run - The Eternal Palace boost in normal, heroic or mythic
  • Glory of The Eternal Palace
  • Queen Azshara kill on each difficulty
  • Full gear carry


We have full clears every day with professional raiding teams who will complete your raid within 2 hours. Default sellruns happen in personal loot mode meaning that you have 20% chance to loot something from the boss. We also provide loot-trading options with top geared boosters who will give you all their tradable loot. This will 100% guarantee you gear drops depending on chosen amount of traders. Please note that some warforged and titanforged items with high ilvl cannot be traded because of game mechanics.


You can get loot from each boss only once a week, so better buy full clear with fresh cooldown on your character. Also don’t forget to prepare your bonus rolls to get even more loot! You don't need to know tactics, just don't forget to do 1-hit to each boss to be able to get loot.


The Eternal Palace achievements:

  • Glory of the Eternal Palace and new mount
  • Ahead of Curve: Queen Azshara
  • Cutting Edge: Queen Azshara
  • Achievements for each wing clear


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