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Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid Boost

Sepulcher of the First Ones is the third 11-boss raid in Shadowlands available in patch 9.2.5. Fated Sepulcher carry will help players to enter a new raid in Zereth Mortis to stand against the Jailer. Sepulcher of the First Ones boost will allow champions to run through this workshop of the afterlives and defeat such bosses as Mal'Ganis, mind-controlled Anduin, and Zovaal, the Jailer.

Important: Please check the slot availability in the online chat before booking. SotFO boost runs are shown in your local time.

WoW Sepulcher of First Ones Boosting

Finally, Primus will open the portal to the mysterious Zereth Mortis and Azeroth's champions will enter the workshop of the First Ones who crafted the realm of afterlives. Shadowlands saga is slowly coming to its conclusion while top guilds progress in the new 11-boss raid - Sepulcher of the First Ones. Located in the middle of Zereth Mortis, this raid will allow players to finally save Anduin from domination magic and hopefully defeat the Jailer in an epic culmination.

Some of the details about this fated raid are still unknown, but we know that a lot of epic rewards with the new Progenitor Tier set will be awarded to players who enter this mysterious Sepulcher raid. Players are making guesses about the items that will drop in Sepulcher of the First Ones carry runs. But our team has enough raiding experience to predict the top rewards of a new raid.

Fated SotFO boost services and sell runs rewards:

  • new Progenitor tier set for all classes;
  • weapons, armor of the First Ones and tons of transmogrification items;
  • boss achievements and mythic titles;
  • high chances for SotFO last boss mount;
  • tons of various rewards such as pets and cosmetics from Sepulcher raid.

We are constantly checking all updates for fated raids on PTR and will soon give more information about all fated SotFO carry services we will provide for sale in patch 9.2.7. As a highly-experienced raid carry provider in Shadowlands, Boosthive gives a 100% guarantee of the fastest Sepulcher raid boost from the top PVE guilds. Enjoy the cheap WoW Sepulcher carry runs in a chill atmosphere and defeat the Jailer to loot epic rewards together with us. 

Now let's see what bosses there are in the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid and what are possible story twists to the ending of WoW Shadowlands saga. Please always read carefully any product description before buying SotFO raid and sell runs.

Sepulcher of the First Ones Bosses & Lootruns

Sepulcher of First Ones raid will consist of 11 bosses with mind-blowing visuals and abilities. Some important figures will make an appearance during Zereth Mortis raid carries. We are ready to provide Sepulcher single boss boosts or defeat all of them in a single Fated Sepulcher carry loot run! Here is the list of all known bosses:

  1. Vigilant Guardian - the eternal guardian at the entrance to the Sepulcher.
  2. Skolex, the insatiable Ravener - a ravenous aberration that devours everything it sees.
  3. Artificer Xy'mox - defeated in Castle Nathria, he summons the full might of his Xu Cartel.
  4. Dausegne, the Fallen Oracle - sepulcher guardian, dominated by the Jailer, now leads the army of Mawsworn.
  5. Prototype Pantheon - the first samples of the Shadowlands leaders created by the First Ones.
  6. Lihuvim, Principle Architect - principal architect that weaves ephemera into being.
  7. Halondrus the Reclaimer - the reclaimer that maintains the order of existence.
  8. Anduin Wrynn - mind-controlled by the Jailer's domination magic, he will be the 8th boss.
  9. Lords of Dread - Mal'ganis and Nathrezim queen Kin'tessa are the servants of Zovaal who have plotted against us since Warcraft III.
  10. Rygelon - a constellar similar to Algalon, but infused with domination magic.
  11. The Jailer - the last boss of the final Shadowlands raid, the Banished One.

The boss list in fated Sepulcher of the First Ones raid will remain unchanged. But who know what will happen, right? New Fated affix may complete break the game and new tactics might come into play.

This time Sepulcher of the First Ones raid won't be time-gated. Players will be able to defeat all bosses on the first week of raid release.

Every boss in the Sepulcher raid can be purchased separately in Normal, Heroic, and Mythic SotFO boost runs. Also we offer customers to buy the full loot run option to get the best value for their character. Here is some important information about the boosting services in the Sepulcher of the First Ones that Boosthive has for sale.

Lootrun to the Sepulcher of the First Ones

Entering this place of power with Jailer's minions coming on our heels will be deadly dangerous even for the mightiest heroes of Azeroth. However, with great power comes great rewards. 

Let's imagine what legendary loot will be from the fight with such a godlike creature as the Jailer or dreadlord Mal'Ganis? We want to update you with ilvl values in Fated Sepulcher of the First Ones. These calculations are based on how the gear worked in previous expansions and in Shadowlands.

Fated Sepulcher ilvl of loot runs and boosts:

  • Sepulcher of the First Ones LFR - 265 ilvl (272 from the last 2 bosses);
  • Normal Sepulcher of the First Ones - 278 ilvl (285 from the last 2 bosses);
  • Heroic Sepulcher of the First Ones - 285 ilvl (291 from the last 2 bosses);
  • Mythic Sepulcher of the First Ones - 304 ilvl (311 from the last 2 bosses).

This Sepulcher item level calculation is based on our experience with the previous raids in Shadowlands. Therefore, everything may change during the PTR. We will update this list with the official information when everything about fated raids will be revealed.

Anyway, the best item level gear with tier sets will be available from WoW Sepulcher of the First Ones raid boost and it will be the fastest and easiest way to gear up your character in the Season 4. Our Sepulcher raid boosts will be very effective and, as always, will help players to get the new Progenitor tier set fast, so you can enjoy S4 content with no stress.

What other Sepulcher (SotFO) carry services do you offer?

All Sepulcher of the First Ones boosting services will be available with the official raid opening. Our experienced raiders will need 3-4 weeks to complete the raid and gear up the loot funnels so that you can get all the loot for your class.

Here are some of the raid services we will offer in Fated Sepulcher raid:

  • full 11/11 boss run in Sepulcher of the First Ones (normal, heroic or mythic);
  • glory of the sepulcher raider (in non-fated mode);
  • the Jailer kill in every difficulty;
  • normal, heroic & mythic full gearing from the raid;
  • all mounts from Sepulcher of the First Ones,

Thank you for reading to the bottom of this information about the SotFO raid boosting services. We are doing our best to provide the latest and the most relevant information about raids in WoW and offer the best raid carries on the market. Boosthive has one of the best prices for Sepulcher boosting. Our team has a 7-year raiding experience.

Hope you are enjoying the 9.2 patch and raid as much as we are.  Here is your 5% free promo code for finishing reading the information about the new Shadowlands raid: "ILOVE2READ". Thank you for your effort. We will continue providing you with the best carry services in the 9.2 Eternity's End raid. Use the discount code on the checkout page, buy Sepulcher of the First Ones raid and enjoy your fast SotFO raid run with Boosthive.

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