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Glory of the Raider

Did you consider to kill the bosses not how it is intended or to use another strategy? WoW raider glories are for players who are tired of those common tactics and want to have fun in the group. Each raid and dungeon has its own glory meta-achievements which require to do uncommon things in the fight. If you like to get raid mounts rewards or want to see bosses from another side, wow glory of raider service is just for you.

There are more than 20 different raider glories in the game. Each such meta-achievement rewards you with a special themed mount. But we know that it is hard to organize such run with random group of people: the lack of experience in pug groups makes it nearly impossible to complete such achievements fast and easy. Do not waste your time explaining 100 times to a random guy in the raid that he should not burst the boss on the last phase. Just buy glory of raider with our team.


Our teams have experience how to handle every Glory achievement in the game – you don’t even need to participate! We will prepare a group or a player who will do all glory of raider boost even before you blink. We work on both factions and region. We start doing Glory runs in the new raid during the first weeks after the release.



What glory of raider carry should I choose?


Any! Or all of them! For each! Each glory has a mount as a reward and we have a picture of it right on the product page. You can see all the mounts and choose the ones that are missing or looks awesome to you. Also, we recommend to check Wowhead 3D models or just contact our support and we will help you to make a decision.



Why should we do your Glory of raider carry?

  1. Our raiders are playing for 10 years and completed all these Glories achievements a hundred times in actual patches. We did old raids along and across.
  2. We will skip the boring process of forming a group, explaining the strategy for 40 minutes and wiping with randoms on difficult achievements.
  3. You just relax and have fun during raider glory carry service – we explain how achievements in raids work and do them for you.
  4. If you don’t have time to play, we provide all glory services with piloted option. We broadcast a Livestream or give daily updates during your order to see the progress.
  5. We care about your account and use only safe methods of boosting, including VPN to decrease any possible risks and only hand-work.


Our groups and managers are ready to help you with any services in the game today. Contact us with any comfortable method: livechat, skype or discord. We reply in no time and will be glad to help you.

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