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Crucible of Storms Boost

Buy Crucible of Storms services: loot, gear, bosses, achievements and special effects. Crucible of Storms(СoS) is third small raid in World of Warcraft BfA added in patch 8.1.5. Raid includes only 2 bosses: The Restless Cabal and Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void. Raid reveals servants of an Old God N’Zoth and serves as a starting point to patch 8.2 and Nazjatar new raid. Normal and Heroic mode opens on first week of patch 8.1.5. Mythic difficulty will open in 1 week later. Each raid loot item have unique bonus effect which makes them stronger then loot from Battle of Dazar'alor raid!

Loot item level in CoS:

  • Normal – 395 item level
  • Heroic – 410 item level
  • Mythic – 425 item level

Crucible of Storms carry and get into sellrun with professional raiding players with good gear to trade you all available loot. We have raids everyday. Run takes 1 hour.

We offer all services in CoS raid:

  • Full clear of 2/2 bosses in normal, heroic or mythic difficulty
  • Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void kill in any difficulty

All raid services require 120 character with any gear to join the raid. You don’t need to know raid encounters, just don’t forget to 1-hit boss to be able to receive loot. Personal loot runs does not include any loot guarantee. Loot guarantee only available with 3+ loot-traders. We need to mention that some war-forged and titan-forged items cannot be traded due to how personal loot system works in Battle for Azeroth. Also we recommend buying loot-trade options at the start of new cooldown when most of players are not loot-locked for the raid.


All rewards from CoS carry:

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