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Castle Nathria Boost — CN Raid Carry

Experience the fastest clear of the first raid in WoW Shadowlands expansion. Castle Nathria raid carry will help you to rush through all 10 bosses of this vampiric raid together with the professional top-skilled PvE guild! You will be able to clear all the wings of this magnificent “Dracula’s Castle” aesthetic raid on normal, heroic, and or mythic difficulty. All those CN raid boosts will be available as soon as Castle Nathria becomes available.

Important: Please check the slot availability with our managers before booking. CN boost runs are shown in your local time.

Castle Nathria raid introduction

Have you ever envisioned that once World of Warcraft will have a real Dracula’s Castle made into a 10-boss Heroic and Mythic raid instance? Neither have we, but here it is! Castle Nathria was the first raid in the WoW Shadowlands expansion and it is all stylized in the purest vampire theme and now it is coming back with season 4. Boosthive raiding team has already defeated each and every boss in this 3-winged raid so that you will have an opportunity to buy Castle Nathria raid boost in the new season.

The raid itself is located in the hearth of Revendreth, rising above the vampire flooded lands in its gothic beauty. The raid entrance is located in the center area of the location, with the closest connection flight path being Menagerie of the Master. The Leaders of Venthyr covenant rule the Castle Nathria being the key bosses of this raid dungeon. The whole raid has a winged structure, where players have a choice to descend into the catacombs or explore the royal quarters. Each of these wings has 3 bosses. After defeating them you are allowed to access the upper levels of the Castle Nathria where the most powerful bosses await led by the Lord of the Castle himself.

Gear item level

With the Shadowlands level and item level squish it is now known what ilvl items Castle Nathria bosses will drop. If you still wondering what item level items will be dropped in the CN raid we have an answer for you. The item level of gear in the Castle Natria raid during the Fated weeks will be:

  • Castle Nathria LFR – 265 ilvl (272 from the last 2 bosses);
  • normal Castle Nathria – 278 ilvl (285 from the last 2 bosses);
  • heroic Castle Nathria – 291 ilvl (298 from the last 2 bosses);
  • mythic Castle Nathria – 304 ilvl (311 from the last 2 bosses).

It is based on Boosthive assumption and is not a reliable source of information. We will update this list as soon as the official numbers will be released. In any case, the maximum item level gear will be available from the WoW Castle Nathria raid boost, as this will be the fastest and the easiest way to gear up your character in Season 4 of Shadowlands.

Castle Nathria raid carries

All Castle Nathria boosting services will be available to buy with the official release of the Shadowlands S4. Our professional raiders will require a couple of weeks to complete the raid and gear up the loot traders so that you can get all the loot for your class and speck easily without any problems.  Here are some of the services that we are planning to offer in Shadowlands s4.

We are glad that you have read all of the required information about the Castle Nathria raid boost here is your 5% total order discount coupon code “ILOVE2READ” for your effort. We will do our best to offer you the best carry services for this first raid of the Shadowlands expansion with our highest quality standards. Use the code provided at the checkout and enjoy your WoW Castle Nathria carry in any mode with Boosthive!

Castle Nathria Bosses & Lootruns

The castle Nathria raid consists of 10 bosses, each with a unique, previously unseen model, new abilities, and mechanics. Boosthive has prepared to provide you with single boss boosts or defeat all of them in one Castle Nathria carry loot run! Here is the list of bosses:

Every boss in the Castle Nathria raid can be ordered separately in both Heroic and Mythic CN boost runs. Or you can buy the full-run option to get the best value for your investment.

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